All Revved Up: Ride Revolution Opens in Manila

After more than two weeks of absence and not being able to write because of events and other projects, I am finally back to blogging! And man, how I’ve missed it.

I was able to squeeze in a much anticipated visit to the newest Indoor Cycling Studio in the Metro, Ride Revolution.

The studio is a sanctuary for spin junkies, tucked away in a building along a busy avenue near Rockwell.

The reception area was spacious enough to comfortably hold attendees waiting for class to start.

Digital, keyless cubbies lined the walls of the common locker area. The studio had a couple of shower rooms and a couple of toilet rooms (which you can, of course, use for changing out of your sweaty sports bras and tights).

The team has partnered with Better Health to bring you Ride Fuel–post-workout snacks packed with superfoods, fresh cold-pressed juices and other other energizing food items that nourish the body.

*Note: the fridge isn’t as stocked just yet. I suspect this is because the studio is still on Soft Opening phase.

The main cycling studio houses 28 top-of-the-line stationary bikes to give you the best indoor cycling experience.

Each time you book a ride, a specific bike is assigned to you. The console attached to the bike you use collects the data from your ride such as power, heart rate, RPM, distance and calories burned. After each class you take, a report is sent right to your inbox containing the information you need to track your performance and personal progress.

During my visit, this wasn’t up yet (the studio is still on soft opening as I write, so hold your horses…err, bikes). But it’s an upcoming feature which, I have to admit, is a great motivation for anyone looking to perform better or get fitter.

My friend, Eileen, and I took Kylee’s Ride Rev class. A heart pumping, thigh burning workout that lasted 50 minutes.

As with most spin classes I’ve been to, light weights are used. Do not be deceived, though, the 3-pound dumbells start to feel more like 15 pounds as you go through the arm-toning sequence.

I was really tired from a shoot and a long meeting earlier that day and thought, “I won’t push it” before class. But towards the final few, most intense minutes of the ride, Kylee kept going “Drive home! Drive home, guys!”  And drove home we did.

So are the classes always hardcore? Nope. Ride Rev offers a second type of class for beginners or those who are new to indoor cycling. Rev Lite, while also 50 minutes long, allows you to go easy and get yourself familiar with the workout. Plus, this lets you learn the fundamentals such as proper form on the bike and how to pedal properly (yes, there’s a proper way to do it). This is essential before you start whipping your hair, banging your head to the music and adding on the more complex movements that involve the upper body, all while still pedalling on your bike.

We got to chat with couple Noel and Viv, partners in running the place, and got the scoop on what’s coming up at Ride Rev. Here’s a peek for all you folks out there:

JOY RIDES. Starting February, you can bring a friend to take class with you. What’s more joyful than pulling through a tough workout with a buddy? At least you don’t have to go through it alone. Plus your buddy gets to ride for free. Check the Ride Rev website for the schedule of Joy Rides.

ALTERNATIVE FITNESS CLASSES. This team doesn’t seem to be stuck in a cycle of the same workout day in and day out. There’s a smaller studio that holds a couple of bikes for instructor training and/or private classes, a barre and ample space for yoga, pilates, TRX and other workouts that will surely complement your cycling. Also in the works but coming really, really soon.

A class costs P1100 but first timers get to enjoy three classes for the same price. Packages for those who want to keep coming back are also available. Be sure to purchase credits and book a bike beforehand through their website:

So, you ready? *rings bike bell* LET’S RIDE!

Ride Revolution is located at the 3F of Steps Dance Studio 8465 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines

Find them on Facebook or Follow them on Instagram for updates and to learn more.