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“Am I 100% Healthy?” | How I Quit Guessing and Got Real Answers

One of the major positive shifts I’ve noticed in the behavior of most people the past few years is the initiative to take charge of their own health. My eyes opened to this at quite a young age, being careful about my food choices, resorting to gentle natural remedies first for common sicknesses and constantly educating myself about health, wellness and fitness. So imagine how inspiring it is for me to see more and more people make the change–from going on a plant-based diet to investing in a fitness program or gym membership.

It is, frankly, quite easy to think we are living a healthy lifestyle. But the true question is, are we REALLY healthy?

Hi-Precision Diagnostics approached me with a challenge to go through an Executive Healthcare Program and Imaging which involved a series of tests that’ll show results and answer this nerve-wracking question. It may sound so simple for most but for someone like me, who thinks I lead a healthier lifestyle than an average (save for the occasional glass of rosé), my expectations are set pretty high.


I’ve dismissed the idea of getting an annual executive check-up simply because I didn’t have time to head to a laboratory, wait in line to get my blood extracted and then go back for the results. With Hi-Precision Diagnostics, I simply scheduled the extraction on a date and time that was most convenient for me. A qualified nurse, came over to my place and did all the work right from the comfort of my home. I received reminders via SMS on fasting prior to the extraction. I over-fasted the first time so the nurse had to come back  (my bad). Luckily, it wasn’t an issue.

A whole bunch of tests were done through my blood and urine. I got results for Complete Blood Count, Fasting Blood Sugar, Creatinin, Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Total Protein with A/G Ratio to name a few (there’s really a whole lot more).


All the other tests that allowed me to take a better look at what’s going on inside my body were done in the center (I went to the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell branch). I know I said I didn’t like going to labs for this but I was pretty excited for the cardiovascular stress test. I got on an inclined treadmill and made it to the fourth level (fasted for  at least ten hours!) on my peak HR zone before I waved my hand at the doctor to say “I’m DONE!”. Pretty intense stuff. Other imaging tests showed how my organs were doing and how my heart behaved while at rest (ECG).


The day my results were ready, I headed back to the lab. One of Hi-Precision’s resident doctors read through my results and everything was normal except for a couple of things:

  1. My blood count. It was a bit low which meant I had to go back to taking Iron supplements. I was prescribed Iron Gluconate for better absorption.
  2. Results from my urine showed I needed to drink MORE WATER. (Guilty!)

Other than that, I was pretty much at the pink of health. Whew! Now that I have a couple of things to improve on, I’m definitely going back in a year to check if I’ve made any progress.

Results can be accessed online too! So you don’t have to keep a CD/USB or file papers only to lose them after a while. Love that Hi-Precision makes it easy for us to monitor our health so we only have to worry about actually staying fit and healthy. They take a whole

So, are YOU really healthy? Now, you can easily find out.

Learn more about the Hi-Precision Executive Healthcare Program and Imaging through their website or visit a branch near you. More services are available so find one that suits your needs!