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NT Sweat x Cosmopolitan Philippines – Vol. 2

Christmas is in a few days and by now you’re probably either naughty to be skipping your workouts or nice to be sticking to ’em. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you have a gym or studio membership, you might even notice the amount of people coming to work out drop significantly. It happens every year.

Look, I know how busy this time of the year can get. And with everyone out on the streets (with their cars!), traffic could not get any worse. To save you time, I’ve put together the latest set of workouts I filmed for Cosmpolitan Philippines. We’ve added a bit of variety this time so you get to choose how you want to break a sweat.

Perfect for when you can’t run to the gym or studio. Continue reading NT Sweat x Cosmopolitan Philippines – Vol. 2

NT Sweat x Cosmopolitan Philippines – Vol. 1

Alright, boys and girls! I’ve recently shot a new set of workouts with the ladies over at to get you off your butts. Can’t wait to share those with you!

For now, here’s a complete roundup of the first set of #NTSweat workouts you can do anywhere, without equipment and when you’re pressed for time.  Continue reading NT Sweat x Cosmopolitan Philippines – Vol. 1

Ball Play: 9 NT Sweat Moves to Fire You Up

Remember that huge bouncy ball in your living room which you sort of used to work out with? The stability ball has either served you well or is currently collecting dust (or probably even deflated by now). I got to play with one again last night and came up with a few moves that’s sure to challenge your core stability and build overall strength. Continue reading Ball Play: 9 NT Sweat Moves to Fire You Up

Four Stretches For Recovery

Weekends are all about winding down. And if you’re like me, who’s currently recovering from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), then you’re probably feeling stiff like a stick!

While everyone loves a good stretch, not a lot of us enjoy that dull, pulling pain you get when the muscles are tight and tough. I myself, have a hard time holding a stretch the day after a strong workout. For someone who often cross trains, I’d say my flexibility isn’t too shabby. However, my body seems to lose its usual suppleness when it’s sore or has just recently recovered from soreness. That’s going to be pretty evident in the photos below because these are shot while I was really sore from personal training the day before. 😀 They’re pretty honest photos, I must say! Continue reading Four Stretches For Recovery

Yoga for Dusk Runners

Before I got into yoga, running was my main thing. This was way before all the marathons and fun runs became so popular. I would wake up extra early in the summer, lace up my shoes and take an hour outdoors to get my dose of sweat. When the school year began, I would do it as soon as I got home. Late in the afternoon, right before it got dark. Once I started working, dawn and dusk running just didn’t work for me. My schedule became so tight that I could barely squeeze in a workout. Aching to get good runs in, I pushed myself to do it late in the evenings after work.

Having tried running at different hours of the day, I realized that I performed best at dusk, when I wasn’t too sleepy (I’m admittedly not a morning person), not bothered by the heat, and not too tired and ready to sleep. The thing about it, however, is that when you train hard from dusk until late in the evening, the body gets so amped that you may have trouble sleeping at night. We all know that rest is essential to recovery and the quality of sleep you get greatly affects the quality of your performance the next day. I’m not just talking about how you perform in running, in the gym or in any other sport, but also your day-to-day activities. But if the only time you have to run is after work or school hours, there’s always yoga to help slow you down and get you ready for the rest of the evening.

You don’t always need a mat or take a class to reap the benefits of a yoga practice. Here’s a short sequence (literally shot after a late afternoon run) you can follow no matter what your flexibility level is. Be sure to take at least 3-5 long, slow breaths (through the nose) for each pose. Continue reading Yoga for Dusk Runners

In the Summer | Balancing Energies and Calming the Fire

In mid-February, just at the dawn of summer, I experienced one of the worst acid attacks I’ve ever had. That is the inspiration behind this post.

Quick background, I have always suffered from an acidic stomach. I’ve had attacks that sent me straight to the hospital, crying from so much pain. Doctors would give me different drugs to get by but then, one day the pain would be back, triggered by possibly anything I consume nearly on a daily basis. Ever since I was a lot younger, I’ve always been a sucker for really sour, acidic food (most especially fruits) and deliciously spicy ones. As I grew older, I became fond of coffee and tea. All these threw my body out of balance. Continue reading In the Summer | Balancing Energies and Calming the Fire

Hot Weather | Cold Weather: Hacks from a Tropical Island Girl

We’re smack at the middle of February now–the month that, to me, doesn’t really fall under a specific season. We’ve gone past the Holidays, but still experience the coldest mornings of the year. At the same time, we’re approaching summer and if you notice, the afternoons are starting to get scorching hot.

I like my cool, nippy mornings but being the true, blue (or brown?) sun worshipper that I am, I always find myself struggling to adapt to the cold weather most especially when the temperature behaves like a girl on PMS. So how does a tropical island girl make it through this transition month? Below are the tools I am currently vouching for: Continue reading Hot Weather | Cold Weather: Hacks from a Tropical Island Girl

Four Belly-Busting Moves You Can Do with Just a Blanket

Random fact: My yoga classes are often noisy. Now some of you may frown upon reading this. And perhaps, if you are a yoga teacher, you’re probably shaking your head at the thought. Yep. I love hearing the students laugh in class, let out a huge sigh or groan (and then laugh again), or quickly whisper something to the person on the mat next to them. That’s when I feel connected to them the most (while in class) and that’s also when they often realize that it’s okay to laugh at themselves. Yoga classes are supposed to calm you and if calming down means letting out a few laughs, then so be it.

What often works so well in getting even the most quiet and serious practitioners to at least smile or loosen up a bit in my classes is serious core work— so serious that they can’t help but laugh. Continue reading Four Belly-Busting Moves You Can Do with Just a Blanket

Ricochet Rabbit is the Post-coffee Energizer Bunny: Best Bets in Caffeine Cut-downs

We, Filipinos, are huge fans of coffee. A great majority of our population either have the occasional one to two cups per day or have the brown, aromatic fluid running through their veins.

Brief background: One of my regular students who NEVER comes to my class without a shot (or two) of espresso arrived before Zumba started last night with her usual cup. I raised my own cup of Americano and told her I felt like getting a boost after my personal yoga practice (something I don’t normally feel like doing). She laughed and went “Oh, no. We (the whole class) are all going to pay for that.” I usually have a good amount of energy when leading a class—okay not just good, I see to it that I go on like the Energizer bunny. But today, my students noticed the difference that cup of coffee made. I wasn’t just the Energizer bunny, I was Ricochet Rabbit. I felt the crash a couple of hours later, then it was time for bed. This blog entry is inspired by her and dedicated to her, one of my most enthusiastic students. Continue reading Ricochet Rabbit is the Post-coffee Energizer Bunny: Best Bets in Caffeine Cut-downs