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Sweat Sesh Playlist: Power Core Flow

How I missed sitting to work on the blog! I’ve been out and about preparing a few things for you guys which is why I haven’t been really writing much. But here I am sharing another one of my playlists with you. This month’s is a collection of my go-to songs when practicing or teaching a strong flow such as my Power Core Flow Class. Continue reading Sweat Sesh Playlist: Power Core Flow

Sweat Sesh Playlist: The Man in High Heels

This week has been an absolute roller coaster ride. From teaching classes to taking them and hopping from one event to another. I couldn’t wait to sit and tell you guys about it.

A major highlight for me during the past week is THE Yanis Marshall coming to Manila. Known for his sexy moves in high heels and for garnering over 100 million views on Youtube, the gorgeous male diva has graced the Philippines with his presence just a few days ago. More on that in an upcoming blog entry.

For now, I give you this playlist inspired by his classes, his concert and his most popular videos on Youtube. I’ve been playing a few of the songs during my workouts for the past couple of months while crafting new content for NT Workouts. The thing I love most about these songs, which also turned up in Yanis’ style of teaching, is how you are encouraged to embrace femininity–female or not.

Who’s a better artist to bring that out than Madonna or Janet Jackson, right?  How’s about taking time this coming month to choose a method to sweat while drawing that ferocity out. 😉 Take a heels class or a maybe a pole class, walk confident and snap it. Never let what others think or say, stop you. JUST BE YOU.

And how timely is it that gay marriage has been legalized nationwide in the U.S.? Sending all my love to gays and lesbians (like me!) and joining in on the celebration. That’s one more step forward for us. The time will come when all of humanity will set aside these differences and see each other as equals. LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN. <3

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Sweat Sesh Playlist – Remaking an 80’s Classic

Oh hey, it’s my first entry since the migration of Pretty Darn Fit. I mentioned in my last post that all these changes are happening in celebration of my first year in the blogosphere. Does that mean I’m a pro blogger yet? Not quite. But I am damn proud of myself for doing every single thing on my own considering how ignorant I am when it comes to setting up a website. There’s not much change around here just yet, I’m saving the site revamp for later. Of course, all you fit girls out there will still get the same swag from me. So that’s a milestone for us. We now wait for the next one which is Pretty Darn Fit’s first birthday happening in July!


So given that we have so much reason to celebrate, I put together this month’s playlist based on my major inspiration ever since I was eight. I wasn’t even born when Flashdance came out in 1983 and I didn’t watch until 13 years after. My young, innocent mind probably didn’t understand what was going on entirely but I didn’t care. I loved the attitude of the whole film. And Jennifer Beals instantly turned herself into an icon just by sitting there in here loose gray sweater and red pumps, how effortless is that?! I may be an old soul, but I gotta say this granny knows what makes women sexy. 😉

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So, if I were to recreate the entire Flashdance soundtrack on Spotify (which I already did), this is how it’s going to sound like:

Of course, it wouldn’t be Flashdance if the song Maniac isn’t in it! A few songs from this playlist (not Maniac, though) will be appearing in my first few classes when I launch NTSweatSesh late next month! It’s my signature class that combines Toning + Cardio Dance and a lot of other movements to keep things fun and your body, seriously working! If you are in Manila and are interested in being one of the few to train and just sweat with me, send me an email through and let’s talk.

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Now, press play and move until you find the urge to shake the sweat out of your hair. 😀
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Sweat Sesh Playlist – Inspired by the Empire Series

Here’s a new addition to the collection of posts I will be making regularly here at Pretty Darn Fit. You’ll find “Listen” under the main menu to bring all the playlists I will be compiling for you guys to listen to on Spotify.

I’m making the bold move of uploading a hiphop-R&B playlist FIRST here on the blog for everyone who is looking to pump up their workouts. But before I get to it, I’m saying it’s a bold move because a good number of songs on the playlist have explicit lyrics and if any of these offend you, I apologize in advance but also encourage you to loosen up a bit, brush it aside and let the music move you.

One thing many people don’t know about me is how much I LOVE Hiphop-R&B music. I grew up with it and I listen to songs like these to elevate my mood most of the time. I guess it also sort of breaks the image people have established of me in their minds. Many are shocked when I play a hiphop song in my dance fitness class, and yes, in my yoga classes (although not ones with explicit lyrics in yoga!). I used to hesitate and skip through the tracks even when I’ve already put them there prior to going into the studio. But later on decided to just let them play anyway. As one of my favorite yoga teachers, Les Leventhal, put it “Who says Rihanna isn’t for yoga?” Of course, Rihanna isn’t really a hip-hop artist but I guess his point is we should break the mold society is trying to fit us into. Why should one aspect of you as a person define another chunk of who you are? It’s one of the most liberating things I’ve ever heard from any of my teachers.

So here, I put together a few songs that should last you an hour of sweat, with a few minutes to cool off. Greatly inspired by my current favorite series, Empire, with songs produced by Timbaland.

Now, go break a sweat!