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Lifestyle Network Hosts FitStreet and Gets Everyone Off Their Butts for a Weekend

I got to take part in one of the biggest fitness parties held at Bonifacio High Street on April 22-23. For once, I got to enjoy a fitness event as an attendee and not the trainer up front! LOL. ( not complaining, though).

FitStreet was a collaborative effort between Lifestyle Network and Bonifacio High Street featuring activities from some of the top gyms and studios in the Metro including 360 Fitness Club, Anytime Fitness, Urban Ashram, Curves and others. Continue reading Lifestyle Network Hosts FitStreet and Gets Everyone Off Their Butts for a Weekend

The Fitstop | A New Fitness Show Launches on Youtube

Specially tailored for the Filipino market, a new fitness show geared towards encouraging and motivating people from all walks of life and at any fitness level to better their health, has launched on Youtube. I know, because I’m on it. 😉 Continue reading The Fitstop | A New Fitness Show Launches on Youtube

#GoWell Retreat by Sun Life

I was recently invited to lead an #NTSweat sesh in a wellness retreat at the beautiful Shangri-La Boracay. What I thought was an exciting project with Sun Life Canada (Philippines) turned out to be much more than what I expected.

When Jaymie Pizzarro, also known as The Bull Runner, got in touch with me and asked if we could work together, the instant answer was yes. Continue reading #GoWell Retreat by Sun Life

Slow Travelling [Photo Diary]

Kata Hill, Phuket

I’m not a traveller, but neither do I consider myself a tourist. I am fortunate to be able to get away from the city every now and then but extra fortunate when I fly out of the country for work and then get to squeeze in a short holiday.

I breathe new experiences, I hear different languages and I get to interact with various people. Continue reading Slow Travelling [Photo Diary]

From Workout Motivation to Shopping Motivation

The past few weeks I have been practicing or working out, I found myself not being able to play any music because I’d be in the gym where I train one of my clients or at a studio sharing the space with someone else. I’ve also been bothered by the cable on my earphones when I would go out for a run but I couldn’t let go of my music. It’s what keeps me going no matter how tough my workout gets. So I finally went on a hunt for a pair of wireless earphones that wouldn’t hurt my pocket.

Continue reading From Workout Motivation to Shopping Motivation

Grounding Through Practice | Music & Yoga [Video]

So, we were hanging out at the Treehouse Yoga Platform yesterday when Nic and I had this crazy idea of finally working on a video together.

Inspired by this whole retreat I am currently on and by my teacher, Rae Collins, who has kept me rooted and had me looking back at where I truly am in my practice at a deeper sense (way past the asanas) and why I am teaching yoga in the first place. Rae, if you are reading this, THANK YOU. <3

Huge disclaimer: Nic and I are both amateurs in doing this sort of stuff and this is really just a channel for us to kind of bring out a bit of creativity (I hope).

The song perfectly describes my relationship with yoga. My practice has saved my butt so many times and has taught me so many lessons that I don’t think I’m ever going to let go of it no matter how stiff or old my body becomes.

Where we are today is right where we need to be. So stay grounded and always be aware of what keeps you anchored. How has your practice helped you? <3

Please note that we do not claim any rights to the song “Anchor” by Sophia Black

The video was shot at the gorgeous Treehouse Yoga Platform at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, Dauin, Dumaguete.

Video shot and edited by Nic Lim

Wellness Warriors’ Fair at Beyond Yoga

I’ll be honest. The main reason why I haven’t been writing was because I’ve been focusing all my energy into the first Pretty Darn Fit event called Wellness Warriors’ Fair. Although I had to take charge on this one, I was so lucky to have friends and family supporting me. And when I say family, I also mean my Beyond family. And although Manila just got through a storm last Friday-Saturday, and nearly everyone was out for the long weekend, we managed to close the celebration of #OneFitYear with a warm gathering, good vibes and great company.

We had Vita Coco and The Honest Crop at the event to keep us powered throughout the day.

Also with us were several awesome booths.
Continue reading Wellness Warriors’ Fair at Beyond Yoga

Happiness Happens: Ekam Community Meet-up

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since my last entry. It felt like forever and I’ve seriously missed having the time to focus on the blog. It’s not that I’ve suffered from a blogger’s burnout, a writer’s block or anything. Just that I don’t want to type away only for the sake of posting. Luckily today, I only have to teach one class and so I have the rest of the time to rest, recharge and write!

The past few weeks I’ve been missing on the blog were spent making face-to-face, real life connections with a few of the most amazing men and women. I am so thrilled to be sharing with you a couple of successful events I was able to mount with my yogini partner Anna and my friends/support group (Nic, Shirley and DK). I’m writing a series of posts for it but to startHere’s what went on: Continue reading Happiness Happens: Ekam Community Meet-up