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Hydration that Walks the Talk : G Active Launches in the Philippines

Finally, hydration perfect for highly active people sans the dreaded sugar and calories. This is water made active.

Nikki Torres G Active

I’ve always been wary of drinking bottled beverages that claim to be perfect for the lifestyle of highly active people. Many of those out in the market today promise to rehydrate you after an intense workout even going as far as claiming to help burn body fat but I would still opt for good old plain water or, on days when water gets too boring, coconut water.

G Active Zero Sugar Calorie Free Philippines

Global brand, Gatorade, understands this. They’ve recently developed a well-researched product to address the needs of  fitness enthusiasts who work hard but don’t need the excess sugar and calories. G Active has come to the Philippines through a hybrid workout attended by some of the country’s top influencers and personalities.

G Active Gatorade Fitness Launch

Gatorade G Active Nikki Torres
Lockers, gym equipment, towels–We were all set to make everyone SWEAT at the launch.

The grand launch happened at One Canvas, Makati attended by an amazing crowd.

Eric Tai Erruption Fitness G Active Launch

The unique hybrid workout consisted of a yoga sequence (led by Anna Manalastas of Yoga Hive), a simultaneous spin (led by Ida Paras of Ride Revolution) and high-density training class (led by Arnold Aninion) and ended with NT Sweat (led by yours truly).

Mond Gutierrez Belle Daza Fitness
Mond Gutierrez and Belle Daza nailing it at NT Sweat

If you’ve been to an NT Sweat sesh, you probably know how particular I am with the music. We had DJ Patty Tiu on deck and damn did she nail that mix!

NT Sweat
Aubrey Miles all fired up during the workout <3

I’m humbled to part of the team of the brand’s ambassadors and proud to be representing a product I truly believe in!

G Active Ambassadors and Influencers walk the damn talk–just like the product. (L-R) Eric Tai; Gatorade and G Active Marketing Manager- Tony Atayde; G Active Ambassadors- Nikki Torres, Aubrey Miles, Maggie Wilson, Vince Velasco, Arnold Aninion, Isabelle Daza, Mond Gutierrez, Ida Paras and Patty Tiu; Pepsico Head of Marketing- Mikey Rosales; Mindshare’s Ton Gatmaitan and that evening’s host- Joyce Pring.

G Active is clear, lightly flavored water that replenishes the electrolytes your body loses when you sweat. But unlike most sports drink, G Active has zero sugar and is calorie-free.

Nikki Torres G Active
Look who went all out onstage. 😀

Check out the video below for a peek of what went on during the launch.

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