Here’s Where You Can Easily Shop for Healthy Gifts This Christmas

The Holidays are once again upon us and although this is my favorite season, it gets harder and harder to deal with the rush as Christmas draws near.

I love how the gift-giving tradition continues to live on but for the past few years, shopping for gifts has been such a feat for me.

Those who know me well also know that I don’t do something just for the sake of and the same applies in the way I select gifts to give.  I’ve learned not to give others something I would not eat or use myself. Part of caring for the people we love is making sure we teach them to care for themselves too. 

Not having much time to go around and shop + being picky about what to shop for = a Holiday gift-shopping disaster in the making. So when I learned that Healthy Options is coming out with curated selections both for food and cosmetics, I was ecstatic.

GIFTS OF HEALTH – For the (green) Foodie

These boxes contain carefully hand-picked, wholesome food options for your friends and loved ones.

SPARKLE – Contains a selection of gourmet ingredients for delicious holiday meal preparation.

Healthy Options Nikki Torres Wellness
SPARKLE – P6,995

SHIMMER – Combines a variety of snacks, dips, beverages and cereals–all in the name of good, healthy food.


Healthy Options Nikki Torres Wellness
SHIMMER – P3,995

GLOW – A box that’s all about quick and easy, ready-to-prepare food that doesn’t cost you your health.

Healthy Options Nikki Torres Wellness
GLOW – P2,995

TWINKLE – Offers low-sodium and low-sugar snacks for those guilt-free indulgences.

Healthy Options Nikki Torres Wellness
TWINKLE – P2,995

GLISTEN – This box is perfect for those with an intolerance for Gluten. Allergies and intolerances need not get in the way of healthful snacking!

Healthy Options Nikki Torres Wellness
GLISTEN – P2,995

SPARKLING JUICES – Because rosé is everything! Bottled in Italy, these juices will definitely liven up any Holiday celebration. Each bottle is not badly priced either!

Healthy Options Nikki Torres Gift Ideas
SPARKLING JUICES – P295 per bottle

GIFTS OF BEAUTY – For the Au Naturale Beauties

LUSTER and GLIMMER – These gift boxes are sure to make anyone shine bright during the Holidays. Each bottle comes in travel-sized packaging, perfect for any jet-setter.


RADIANCE – A self-pamper set, this package offers products made of luxurious ingredients such as Rosehip and Argan Oil matched with a yummy Mandarin Vanilla scent.

Healthy Options Natural Beauty Wellness Gift Ideas

BE DAZZLING – Taking the stress off of those tresses can be troublesome during this season of late night parties and social gatherings. Well, this set clearly makes it easy breezy (and luxurious!) to do that.

Healthy Gift Ideas Natural Beauty Wellness Nikki Torres

When you do have specific items in mind for a particular person, Healthy Options gives you the liberty to SELF-SELECT.  Choose from all-natural food and beauty items to make those gifts more personal.

Not sure what to get but SURE that you want it to be healthy? Gift cards are also available at any branch. Now there’s no reason for you to shop someplace else.

Wellness Nikki Torres Healthy Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays and Merry, merry Gift shopping, loves!


Learn more about Healthy Options Light Up Your Christmas Gift Packages when you visit any Healthy Options branch. Visit their website or follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date on special offers. Become a Gold member and enjoy wholesome, healthy perks when you download the app through this link.