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Lifestyle Network Hosts FitStreet and Gets Everyone Off Their Butts for a Weekend

I got to take part in one of the biggest fitness parties held at Bonifacio High Street on April 22-23. For once, I got to enjoy a fitness event as an attendee and not the trainer up front! LOL. ( not complaining, though).

FitStreet was a collaborative effort between Lifestyle Network and Bonifacio High Street featuring activities from some of the top gyms and studios in the Metro including 360 Fitness Club, Anytime Fitness, Urban Ashram, Curves and others.

Fitness Philippines

FitStreet Workouts

Also part of the event was Healthy Choices, an organic fair which featured a great selection of local products. From food to locally crafted bags and plant-based cosmetics. The team behind Jertie’s Kitchen was there so I got my vegan chocolate cake fix that weekend! <3

Vegan Cosmetics Philippines

The first evening was when the main event happened and FitStreet hosted the 3-hour marathon with Coaches Jim and Toni Saret of Lifestyle Network’s Metabeats, and Coach TonyMac of Fit Fix.

Coach Toni spotted me (she has a pretty sharp eye, this lady), and suddenly called me up onstage to lead the workout with her! Having worked with her as a Samsung ambassador, I just couldn’t say no. That was tons of fun, though.

My love, Kelly Medina, fellow FitStop crew member and blogger pulled through the marathon with me.

With DJ Mars Miranda on deck, I was dancing through the resting intervals. The tracks in between active intervals sounded like ones DJ Lucio Pua and I would play during NT Sweat. Totally, my jam. <3

DJ Mars Miranda Fitness

The whole event was open to the public and I loved how they set it up to get everyone off their butts and move. With a variety of workouts to choose from, and booths to get you started on a healthier lifestyle plus the organic fair (which I absolutely loved), Lifestyle Network did it in terms of encouraging the typical Filipino to make that shift. The classes offered by the gyms and studios  who took part were NOT at all intimidating, and everyone was welcome to take them.

Jim and Toni Saret Metabeats

So, will this be an annual thing? Because if it is, I’m totally ready to spend a summer weekend on the streets next year.