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Marie Gonzalez proves that vegans can have their cake and eat it too. Warning: The following article will trigger MAJOR cake cravings. 

The last time I posted about food, it was about vegan ice cream. Missed that one? You can read it right here.

Now, we’re shining the spotlight on the most beautiful and delicious cake creations from Kitchen Revolution just because September is my birth month and birthdays are for cakes! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to stuff your face silly with “cheat” food all the time. It’s just that I’ve found these things to be the most common excuses not to go vegan or at least eat better/healthier. Our goal is to make those stubborn excuses more bearable when it comes to its impact on our health, on other beings and our planet.

I got to chat with Kitchen Revolution founder and  vegan bossbabe, Marie Gonzalez about all things cake. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you  before you read on.

Nikki: When and how did you start making cakes?

Marie: I started in 2008 when I was a new vegan and the only way I could eat cake was if I made it myself! A former officemate of mine started ordering cupcakes from me for her niece who was allergic to dairy and eggs, I had a KR Multiply account (haha), and my business grew by word of mouth. I had a full time desk job during the day and I was a baker at night.

I started baking because of the lack of vegan desserts in Manila back then.


N: We know Kitchen Revolution cakes are vegan, but would you say they are healthier than most cakes out in the market? If so, how?

M: Getting dairy and eggs out of the cake picture means my products are cholesterol-free. I use non-hydrogenated shortening for my frostings so no trans fats at all. Most commercially available cakes are loaded with butter, cream, milk, eggs, and hydrogenated fat – all artery clogging!

I sweeten my cakes with coconut sugar which is low glycemic, however the frostings I use are made with powdered sugar. My chocolate frosting is made without powdered sugar.
I make gluten-free cakes as well, which are easier to digest for folks with gluten / wheat intolerances / allergies. My regular vegan cakes are made with unbleached flour so no nasty bleach in your cake! And if anyone wonders, I use separate tools and equipment when baking gluten / gluten-free.




N: What inspires you in your creations?

M: I bake because I like to create things with my hands and I need an artistic outlet or I go crazy. I like the idea of food as art and art as food. I hate using artificial decorations on cakes like sprinkles, and I get inspired to use more natural elements like fruit, cacao nibs, flowers, chopped nuts, melted chocolate. I like the challenge of making desserts look decadent, beautiful, and “I can’t believe this has no dairy or eggs in it!”.





N: What would you say was the most challenging order you’ve had from your clients?

M:  One person wanted a sugar free / low carb cake and I had to say no! I don’t work with artificial sweeteners like Splenda or aspartame. If you want something sugar-free, I suggest a bowl of fruit.

I’ve had requests for themed fondant cakes, and I don’t work with fondant either – partly because I am still growing in my education and also I just find buttercream tastier than fondant.
I try to customise my cakes according to my clients’ needs – whether gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free. I once had a request for a gluten-free cake without potatoes, nuts, or soy (I use potato starch in some of my cakes and my milk of choice is soy) – I’m happy that I was able to accommodate. This was for a kid with loads of allergies that just wanted to have a piece of cake for his birthday.
Marie uses her creativity to address the challenges her clients’ requests throw her way. This woman is an artist with a spatula!





N: What’s your favorite among your creations?

M: That’s like asking who my favourite child is! Kidding aside, I am partial to pies rather than cakes but if I had to pick – vanilla cake with strawberry frosting or chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting.




N: What’s the price range of Kitchen Revolution cake and how many days ahead should we order from you? 

M: My cakes range from P1150 to P2500 for 1 layer to 2 layer cakes (regular vegan and gluten-free vegan). I can make 2 tier cakes on request as well and they are priced higher. I need 3-4 days lead time but 7 days is better.



N: I’ve been hearing great feedback on your cooking classes and workshops. Do you have any upcoming ones we can join?

M: Yes! I teach health supportive cooking classes regularly in Alabang, QC, and Makati. Schedules are on


Right around this time each year, more people are celebrating their birthdays. In a couple of months, we’ll be flooded with party invites and social gatherings to celebrate the Holiday season. There’s no better way to lessen the guilt in cakes without missing out on anything. Kitchen Revolution lives up to its name, revolutionizing the way we eat one gorgeous cake at a time.



Follow Kitchen Revolution on Facebook and Instagram to know more about their products and upcoming classes. To order, send an email to or text 0917-894-5086.

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    Omg, they all look sooo lush! Wish you were here in England, I’d place an order for a cake or two!