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NT Sweat x Cosmopolitan Philippines – Vol. 2

Christmas is in a few days and by now you’re probably either naughty to be skipping your workouts or nice to be sticking to ’em. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you have a gym or studio membership, you might even notice the amount of people coming to work out drop significantly. It happens every year.

Look, I know how busy this time of the year can get. And with everyone out on the streets (with their cars!), traffic could not get any worse. To save you time, I’ve put together the latest set of workouts I filmed for Cosmpolitan Philippines. We’ve added a bit of variety this time so you get to choose how you want to break a sweat.

Perfect for when you can’t run to the gym or studio.


Designed to help you work up a sweat while getting into a zenned out state, trust that this simple vinyasa flow has got you yoga pant-clad tush covered. Start by holding each pose for a few breaths, allowing your body to get into the rhythm of things (that’s called muscle memory), then flow through each pose as you ride your breath. Great thing about this is that you can keep it short and simple or do the sequence over and over again until you feel you’ve gotten your dose of zen in. Experienced yogis can opt to do variations and play around with the sequence as well to keep things interesting. 😉



Whether you’re out jetsetting or at home wrapping gifts this one’s for you. Five moves, one minute per move. Repeat 3-4 times. Quicker than how it feels to sing 12 Days of Christmas.



When I said you’re not alone in debating whether or not you should go to the gym today, I meant it. You will most likely have one friend who goes through the same argument with his or herself too. I partnered with personal trainer and fellow adidas girl, Fay Hokulani (@fayhokulani on IG) to bring you power moves you can do anywhere. So meet-up with your buddy early and try these moves before heading out to your next party.

Any workout you’d like to see here? Comment below or send me an email: Follow me on Instagram, @nkitorres for more NT Sweat moves you can squeeze into your workouts. Happy Holidays, darlings! XO