Saddle Row Lets You Ride in Sophisticated Style

Exciting times are obviously ahead of us as a new Indoor Cycling and Rowing studio opens at Serendra, BGC. Now, just the sound of the name may seem familiar to you– Saddle Row. The Savile Row? Wait ’til you see the place.

Saddle Row Entrance

I got to take a community class before the studio officially opens it doors to the public and admittedly ended up wanting to do it again right after. If it weren’t for my schedule that day, I would have booked another class and rode one more time.

You’ll find it located right next to Beyond Serendra‘s Yoga and Dance Studio. The two share the same reception area, locker and changing areas but of course, have different rooms for their classes.

What I love about Saddle Row‘s cycling studio is how you seem to be transported to a completely remote place once you enter. The space was clearly designed with the style of a classy rider in mind without letting go of or completely detaching from the elements they share with Beyond right up front. Don’t worry, you don’t have to don a tailored suit in order to get on a bike but it does have a resemblance to the famous street in London known for its fine traditional tailoring for men (I did say ‘sophisticated’, right?) As I said, you get the feeling of being somewhere else once you step through the wooden sliding doors with their brick walls and street lamps.

You ride with nothing but the lamps on and great music on full blast. And like all other cycling classes I’ve taken in the past, movements are not limited to the lower body so you still get that full workout each time you ride.

I took Mia Cabalfin‘s class. When I found out she was teaching, I knew I just had to go. Mia‘s a great dancer with such beautiful energy which obviously makes up the character and style of her cycling class. She put on fun tracks with lots of dance-y movements, guaranteed to get the sweat dripping on your handle bars. I love dancing as much as I love yoga so whether it’s on the floor or on a bike, just give me a beat and I’ll move with it. So now you probably know why I wanted to ride again!

Of course, Saddle Row has a roster of teachers with different styles and specialties. As with any workout or form of physical training or exercise, I suggest you explore which teachers work for you. Try riding with as many instructors as you can until you find the ones who make you look forward to getting back on the saddle ASAP.

Saddle Row officially opens its Cycling Studio on November 4, 2015. The Rowing studio is in the works but should be ready for you in a month or two. 😉 Watch out for a blog post on that one too!

Saddle Row is located at the 2F of the Serendra Piazza, right above Balducci, next to Hossein’s. Follow them on Instagram @SaddleRowPH and find them on Facebook here.

  • Vic M.

    Will there be a branch in QC soon?

    • Nikki Torres

      Hi, Vic! The team behind Saddle Row hasn’t announced any plans of expansion so far. Will be sure to update you guys once a branch opens near you. ?