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Here’s Where You Can Easily Shop for Healthy Gifts This Christmas

The Holidays are once again upon us and although this is my favorite season, it gets harder and harder to deal with the rush as Christmas draws near.

I love how the gift-giving tradition continues to live on but for the past few years, shopping for gifts has been such a feat for me.

Those who know me well also know that I don’t do something just for the sake of and the same applies in the way I select gifts to give.  I’ve learned not to give others something I would not eat or use myself. Part of caring for the people we love is making sure we teach them to care for themselves too.  Continue reading Here’s Where You Can Easily Shop for Healthy Gifts This Christmas

Save My Skin Stat!

I’m almost at wits’ end trying to juggle a ton of stuff. I’m just so excited to work on all of these projects but like everyone else, I could get pretty overwhelmed when I have a lot on my plate. One major thing I’m working on at the moment is migrating Pretty Darn Fit to its new home because we are finally turning one in July! You heard that right, guys ONE YEAR!!! *30-second happy dance*. This is a major milestone for the blog–it means finally having the freedom to make adjustments and make the whole site more interactive. However, this also means having more responsibility and taking care of every bit in terms of maintenance and back-up (sigh). I’m not very familiar with the process and have been studying the steps, options and whatnots since last week. This, coupled with the regular posting here, preparation for my daily classes and the launch of my new training program in July is causing me sleepless nights, less sweat time, more hours sitting and staring at a computer screen and ultimately, bad skin. Continue reading Save My Skin Stat!