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Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

I’m no whiz in the kitchen but since I learned the value and importance of food preparation, I learned to make at least the simplest of dishes.

And when you have no one to feed but yourself (well, in my case, Nic, who does not complain most of the time), you dare to make bold moves and experiment just a little bit. After all, you’re eating whatever you end up making! So I totally get it when you find a recipe you really like but have trouble putting all the ingredients together. Some things are either really hard to find or so expensive, they’re just impractical to purchase.  Continue reading Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

Bali Green Eats

Bali, most especially Ubud, is a haven for vegetarians and vegans. Nearly every corner in Ubud had a vegetarian restaurant and all the places we visited there were able to accommodate vegan requests. Here are a few spots I would recommend you to check out:


Down to Earth serves raw, organic vegan food that’s absolutely delicious. Nic got the Seitan Steak and I ordered the Planet Platter. The platter’s contents change depending on what fresh produce is available. Among all the restaurants we visited in Bali during our trip, Down to Earth food has to be my favorite.

At the ground floor of Down to Earth is its organic market with shelves of natural, plant-based and compassionate products.

Right next to it is Paradiso, the first organic vegetarian cinema in the world.

Down to Earth is located at Jl. Gautama Sel., Kab. Gainyar, Ubud Continue reading Bali Green Eats