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Clean and Mean: Green Bar Now Delivers to Your Doorstep

The wait is finally over–for me, at least. Green Bar, a vegan cafe based in Alabang, has set up a kitchen in Makati allowing them to deliver to those who do not frequent the south. While they cannot bring the cafe over to us here for the full dining experience, it’s good enough that they have expanded their services and made their food more accessible especially because I think this is something everyone (non-vegans included) would enjoy.

They stuffed me silly one day and had me try nearly all the items on their menu. While I got to taste everything (yes, I did!), I made sure friends and family got to try too because I didn’t want to miss out on another opportunity to prove that vegan food could be THIS good.

So what was in my package? Here’s a blow-by-blow of each item.

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5 Things Vegans Wish They Could Make You Understand in Under 5 Minutes


I choose to be vegan for reasons above my own health. Many think Veganism is a diet that’ll help you lose the pounds. I know many long-time vegans who aren’t necessarily skinny or lean but are healthy and just as beautiful, if not more.

Veganism does not start and end on our plates. It begins with an intention–a change in perspective. And we all know humans are not comfortable with change.

I was vegetarian for four years before I made the leap. When I stopped consuming animal flesh, I made it a goal to, one day, arrive at becoming Vegan. I believe it is a path you would have to choose to take and for you to arrive at your destination, you would have to go through the journey. The intention must be there even if the change does not happen overnight. Continue reading 5 Things Vegans Wish They Could Make You Understand in Under 5 Minutes

SUSI Brings Vegan and Gluten-Free Food into the Metro’s Mainstream

As one who has been on a plant-based diet for the past four years, I can say that Manila is truly evolving. Susi, the recently opened restaurant at Burgos Circle, BGC offers only Vegan and Gluten-free food. It’s the first Vegan and Gluten-free restaurant to run within one of the top commercial areas in the Metro.

Susi Facade

When I was first told in October last year about Susi, I thought it was pretty bold of them to pick Burgos Circle as their first location. If you ask me why, I’d give you two connecting reasons. One, veganism is a concept that majority of our population still hasn’t embraced and two, Burgos Circle is a prime spot. And given the costs of keeping a business running in a high-traffic area, Susi is going to need all the diners they can get to step into their doors. But it seems Susi has this all planned out. Continue reading SUSI Brings Vegan and Gluten-Free Food into the Metro’s Mainstream

Save My Skin Stat!

I’m almost at wits’ end trying to juggle a ton of stuff. I’m just so excited to work on all of these projects but like everyone else, I could get pretty overwhelmed when I have a lot on my plate. One major thing I’m working on at the moment is migrating Pretty Darn Fit to its new home because we are finally turning one in July! You heard that right, guys ONE YEAR!!! *30-second happy dance*. This is a major milestone for the blog–it means finally having the freedom to make adjustments and make the whole site more interactive. However, this also means having more responsibility and taking care of every bit in terms of maintenance and back-up (sigh). I’m not very familiar with the process and have been studying the steps, options and whatnots since last week. This, coupled with the regular posting here, preparation for my daily classes and the launch of my new training program in July is causing me sleepless nights, less sweat time, more hours sitting and staring at a computer screen and ultimately, bad skin. Continue reading Save My Skin Stat!

Cheat Treats Worth the Guilt + One Empowered Momma [SWEET MNEMONIC]

I don’t mean to disappoint you guys but I won’t be sharing the recipe to vegan cookies and muffins today. I just had to get it out there! I couldn’t even bake to save my life. I will, however, show you how to get these delicious, cruelty-free treats and even introduce you to the wonderful, inspiring woman behind them.

The beautiful family running Sweet Mnemonic was kind enough to send these baked goodies but I didn’t get to try them until a couple of days after. Of course my sister kept them in the fridge but to my surprise, all of them still tasted fresh, moist and delicious. Continue reading Cheat Treats Worth the Guilt + One Empowered Momma [SWEET MNEMONIC]

Juicesabel Serves All Cruelty-Free, All Delicious Goodness

I just found my version of the “friendly neighborhood diner” I always see in the movies. Both my belly and heart are doing the happy dance.

Situated along the busy road of Kalayaan, I have been eyeing the place for several months but never got the chance to stop by. Seriously, it’s easy to miss! Juicesabel is a humble, little café that started out by serving cold-pressed juices. As the business gradually evolved, they began to offer vegan burgers and wraps. Today, the menu has expanded to a variety of lunch meals, vegan cakes and cookies made fresh everyday.

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