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This Krusty Pancake Recipe Will Make You Feel Good at Breakfast

Pancakes are my go-to comfort food at breakfast. The fact that this recipe is choc-ful of fiber makes it even better. Made these during a period of PMS and perfected the recipe on the third try. Now it’s ready to be shared with you. <3

Sidenote: I was also bloated like crazy so I kept my Anti-bloat caps from Fitique Nutrition close to me. And yes I spelled Krusty with a “K”!
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Choco-Matcha Protein Pancakes [VEGAN]

I just made these pancakes for breakfast and they’re quick, easy, protein-packed and most of all, vegan.

Seriously, who’s not crazy over Matcha especially if it’s in your protein shake? I found the perfect combo of chocolate and matcha in Vibrant Health’s Pro-Matcha in Chocolate Creme. With Algal, Sacha Inchi, Yellow Pea and Spirulina, you’re sure you only get clean, sustainable and gluten-free plant protein. Learn more about it here.

Vibrant Health Pro-Matcha is available at Muscle Shack –order online and they’ll deliver straight to your doorstep. Continue reading Choco-Matcha Protein Pancakes [VEGAN]

Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

I’m no whiz in the kitchen but since I learned the value and importance of food preparation, I learned to make at least the simplest of dishes.

And when you have no one to feed but yourself (well, in my case, Nic, who does not complain most of the time), you dare to make bold moves and experiment just a little bit. After all, you’re eating whatever you end up making! So I totally get it when you find a recipe you really like but have trouble putting all the ingredients together. Some things are either really hard to find or so expensive, they’re just impractical to purchase.  Continue reading Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

Ridiculously Easy Vegan Tofu BBQ Sandwich

It’s been forever since I had anything under Pretty Darn Fit “Make”. I’m going to be honest and say the food I prepare everyday is often a huge experiment and I fail to write down the ingredients and measurements when I hit the jackpot with my recipes.

So here’s one that’s really easy to do with ingredients you’ll often find in your fridge or kitchen. It’s very basic and if you’re feeling adventurous yourself, go ahead and add your own twist to it.

I’d love to know about them, so if you do re-create this sandwich and post them online, tag me (@nkitorres on Twitter and Instagram, or Pretty Darn Fit on Facebook) and use the hashtag #PrettyDarnFit or comment below with the recipe you want to share. 😉 Continue reading Ridiculously Easy Vegan Tofu BBQ Sandwich