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The First Vegan Festival in the Philippines is Happening This November

November is World Vegan month and many countries around the globe have begun celebrating it through vegan festivals. Finally, the Philippines’ time has come and we too, get to come together for two weekends of movement workshops, talks and vegan food.

This year’s theme is all about Climate Change, a battle we have been losing for nearly half a century now. If you listened to Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech when he won the Oscar for Best Actor, you probably caught “Climate Change is REAL…” For the longest time, we have been dismissing the idea because this phenomenon never posted immediate harm…until now.

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Happiness Happens: Ekam Community Meet-up

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since my last entry. It felt like forever and I’ve seriously missed having the time to focus on the blog. It’s not that I’ve suffered from a blogger’s burnout, a writer’s block or anything. Just that I don’t want to type away only for the sake of posting. Luckily today, I only have to teach one class and so I have the rest of the time to rest, recharge and write!

The past few weeks I’ve been missing on the blog were spent making face-to-face, real life connections with a few of the most amazing men and women. I am so thrilled to be sharing with you a couple of successful events I was able to mount with my yogini partner Anna and my friends/support group (Nic, Shirley and DK). I’m writing a series of posts for it but to startHere’s what went on: Continue reading Happiness Happens: Ekam Community Meet-up