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Now You Can Float like Eleven from Stranger Things Here in Manila

If you’ve seen the series Stranger Things, you probably remember Eleven (one of the lead characters), submerge herself in an inflatable pool filled with saltwater to access a parallel dimension called the “upside down”.

Floating is a method of therapy which involves sensory deprivation–the deliberate removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses. Continue reading Now You Can Float like Eleven from Stranger Things Here in Manila

Find Focus: 3 Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways to Dodge Distractions

Every waking day is a challenge to stay on track. I’m not just talking about fitness. I’m talking about your career, pursuing your passions and probably every other aspect of life that demands your full attention. It’s not easy to take the reins and consistently be in control.  More often than not, we let all the noise around us mess with our heads, which ultimately affects our performance.

I’m listing down three very simple, yet highly effective ways to stay on top of your game. This isn’t a one time thing, though. No magic pills to pop. No instant results. Because just like any other art or any other sport, you have to make it a part of you in order to be GREAT. Continue reading Find Focus: 3 Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways to Dodge Distractions

Thanyapura Active Holiday (2/2): The Mind-Body Connection

Alright, I’m back from another long blogging hiatus! Didn’t mean to leave you guys hanging but here’s the second part of my Active Holiday at Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club. If you haven’t caught up, you can find my last post about it here.

Or better yet, check out this short video that pretty much summarizes everything amazing about this place.

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Gift of Yoga with SIFCare [Photo Diary]

It has been a week since the whole world celebrated the International Day of Yoga and I’m still on a high from what went on during our event at The Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Check out my photo diary below.I was initially invited by SIFCare to take part in the event and be one of the speakers to talk about Yoga in relation to health and fitness. I gladly accepted and was later on also invited to lead a yoga class, which I also did not decline! I always say, “When given the opportunity to serve, who are you to say no?” Continue reading Gift of Yoga with SIFCare [Photo Diary]

Upcoming Event: International Day of Yoga

This Sunday, June 21, is the very first International Day of Yoga and I’m celebrating it with the wonderful team behind SIFCare!

SIFCare (Science of Identity Foundation Community Assistance for Responsible Existence) is the humanitarian arm of a non-profit organization named Science of Identity Foundation. SIFCare supports several different causes. Two of my favorites being CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resources Marine Action), which involves marine conservation specifically for Pawikans and GoPalakas which is a feeding and recreational program for children. What’s good about them is that they also conduct what they call SIYAM or Seminars Immersions Yoga Arts Meditation in different areas of the country, using yoga as a tool to unite people and sharing the beautiful practice to those who are unfamiliar with it.

SIFCare is organizing simulataneous events this Sunday. The celebration will take place in La Union, Cavite, Bohol and of course, Manila. This is why when SIFCare first reached out to me, I knew I had to say yes. So, on Sunday at the Makati Shangri La Hotel, we are coming together to celebrate the International Day of Yoga—an event first declared by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2014. There will be Yoga Asana Classes, Pranyama (breathing) and meditation exercises, and others including talks on yoga and living a healthy lifestyle. Oh, and the SIFCare team will definitely fuel us with fresh, healthy food so be sure to stop by!

I will be there to give a talk entitled Yoga in Today’s Fitness-Focused Society and to lead an open-level, fun, yet challenging asana class. There will be two batches so make sure you sign up for the first one which starts at 9:30AM or maybe even both (second one at 1:30PM)! The event will be held at the 3F Health Club Patio of the Makati Shangri La Hotel.

Please take note that for you to attend my class, the following are NOT required:

  • Prior experience in yoga
  • Flexibility (not being able to touch your toes gives me something to work on and I like that!)
  • Certain body weight, measurements or height (heard this a lot but not sure where they come from)
  • Background in fitness, calisthenics, contortion, acrobatics, etc.  :p

What I do ask that you bring with you are:

  • Your yoga mat
  • An open mind
  • A receptive heart
  • A body capable of any amount of movement. Any amount will do for as long as you are willing to step on the mat and practice.

Bring family and friends—it’s the perfect time for us to come as one, not just for ourselves but for everyone else with whom we share our planet with. I am going because I strongly support SIFCare’s causes, I hope you are with us as well.

Registration is FREE but you’d have to reserve your slots by signing up HERE.

To find out more about SIFCare, visit their website at www.SIFCare.org or get updates on the event through their Facebook fanpage or Instagram account.

Can’t make it to the event on Sunday? Sign up as a volunteer and join one of their future events instead!

I’ll keep you guys posted through Instagram too so make sure you’re following me @nkitorres. Holler at me in the comments or through email if you have questions. I would love to answer all of them to make sure you guys come through. See you on Sunday! x

Open Heart, Nourished Soul: How Yoga has Gifted Me with Both (Part II)

A month ago I published a post pouring out all my thoughts and musings during my trip to Bali. As I continued to visit a few other places within the country the past few weeks, I realized that I had so much time to see things from a different perspective lately which is why I promised write a second installation on the things I have learned about myself through yoga. I am sharing these with you with hopes that you discover as much, if not more, about yourself through your own practice or whatever holds your passions. Continue reading Open Heart, Nourished Soul: How Yoga has Gifted Me with Both (Part II)

Open Heart, Nourished Soul: How Yoga has Gifted me with Both (Part I)

My partner, Nic, and I decided to book a trip for our sixth anniversary. We decided to go to Bali, Indonesia because we both agree that their culture is still strongly reflected in their architecture, food and lifestyle—things we both wanted to experience. I, personally, looked forward to the slow pace of living in the Indonesian province, immersing myself in the Hindu culture, and practicing yoga without having to worry about teaching a class afterwards. In short, I left to quickly recharge and check-in with myself in the process. I took a very quick break from teaching and writing too. I’m on the eighth day of my vacation, and I couldn’t help but flip my laptop open and just allow all the thoughts I have collected from this trip to freely pour out.

Uluwatu, Bali
Uluwatu, Bali

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In the Summer | Balancing Energies and Calming the Fire

In mid-February, just at the dawn of summer, I experienced one of the worst acid attacks I’ve ever had. That is the inspiration behind this post.

Quick background, I have always suffered from an acidic stomach. I’ve had attacks that sent me straight to the hospital, crying from so much pain. Doctors would give me different drugs to get by but then, one day the pain would be back, triggered by possibly anything I consume nearly on a daily basis. Ever since I was a lot younger, I’ve always been a sucker for really sour, acidic food (most especially fruits) and deliciously spicy ones. As I grew older, I became fond of coffee and tea. All these threw my body out of balance. Continue reading In the Summer | Balancing Energies and Calming the Fire