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Women Who Dare Movement | Justine Cordero of Color Manila

We’re starting a new revolution here at Pretty Darn Fit. A movement for the strong, bold and beautiful women who’ve got their own. Women who’ve got their priorities straight and their goals locked down. Those who do not need anyone to rise above the challenges but have no problem lifting others up with them. Welcome to the WWDMvmnt.

Justine Cordero, one of the youngest and boldest entrepreneurs I know, has made running events more fun and vibrant by co-founding Color Manila.  Continue reading Women Who Dare Movement | Justine Cordero of Color Manila

Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

I’m no whiz in the kitchen but since I learned the value and importance of food preparation, I learned to make at least the simplest of dishes.

And when you have no one to feed but yourself (well, in my case, Nic, who does not complain most of the time), you dare to make bold moves and experiment just a little bit. After all, you’re eating whatever you end up making! So I totally get it when you find a recipe you really like but have trouble putting all the ingredients together. Some things are either really hard to find or so expensive, they’re just impractical to purchase.  Continue reading Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

Whole Again: Slowing Down at the IASIS Health & Wholeness Center

A couple of weeks before this month began, I found myself in a slump. It was the lowest I’ve felt in a long time and I felt frustrated when, after sitting in silence for hours, I still couldn’t shut out all the noise in my head.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t really meditate for hours. It was sort of a purging I like to practice, just letting all the ideas run through my head without my notebook to take notes and taking the risk of bidding what could be a few good ideas goodbye. Continue reading Whole Again: Slowing Down at the IASIS Health & Wholeness Center

Meals that Nourish at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Here it is! I saved my favorite part for last–the food. If you read my first entry about the recent Yoga Retreat I had at Atmosphere Resorts and Spa, I mentioned I would write a completely separate post on the food they served. I find it rather challenging to recall all the memories of dining at the resort only because I could barely do it without salivating (excuse me) and dreaming about my next food trip there. But yes, the taste and how deliciously rich their dishes were are clearly embedded in the memory bank of my tastebuds.

Continue reading Meals that Nourish at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa



Our schedule felt more open and we had loads of free time to just hang by the bar next to the pool, overlooking the ocean.

Apart from the class I took in the morning, I had the rest of the day to write and enjoy my stay at Atmosphere. I remember saying how the whole team really makes an effort to give their guests the best experience while they’re there. And when I say the whole team, that includes the owners.



Hey, guys! Nic and I are on the fourth day of our 8-day stay at Atmosphere Resorts and Spa in Dauin, Dumaguete. We’re currently hanging out by the pool and enjoying a scenic view of the ocean. How I wish you were here to experience this. Such a luxury!


I see this beauty everyday, can you imagine? Meet Victoria!

Anyway, we arrived last Sunday with a full day to get settled and enjoy the place before my retreat began. And I’m blogging halfway through my retreat because there’s just so much to share, I wrote them all down while they’re still fresh! Check out my retreat journal below:

********** Continue reading THE SANCTUARY YOGA RETREAT: DAYS 0-2

The Sanctuary: A Blissful Experience Ahead

My Monday has started out great and I’m writing to tell you guys just how excited I am. I’m working with Atmosphere Resorts and Spa in Dauin, Dumaguete to take part in a 6-day, 7-night Yoga Retreat, which I can later on share with you here. If you haven’t seen this paradise, then just take a look at the beautiful photos from their website, atmosphereresorts.com, below.

As I talked to the lovely Rae Collins, Resort and Spa Manager, Diving Instructor and Yoga Teacher, I couldn’t help but draw a beautiful image of the place in my head. A gem tucked away in a less popular spot, Atmosphere brings together different activities to keep you occupied while allowing you to detach from the noise and clutter of daily living. Dive, practice yoga, pamper yourself in the spa, take a tour to the island of Mt. Apo or simply bask in the beauty of the place. I cannot wait to fly in and experience these for myself.

I know it’s way too early to get excited but I’d love to have you join me or at least immerse yourself in this luxurious getaway yourself. Two retreats will be held this year, one in May and another in September (my birth month!), which I will be attending. It would be such an amazing place to meet you and hang out, so come! There’s plenty of time to sign up. Click here for details of the retreat. To know more about the many other activities you can enjoy at Atmosphere Resorts and Spa, visit their website here.

Mat-mates in September? See ‘ya! xo

Photo credits: Atmosphere Resorts and Spa