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Four Stretches For Recovery

Weekends are all about winding down. And if you’re like me, who’s currently recovering from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), then you’re probably feeling stiff like a stick!

While everyone loves a good stretch, not a lot of us enjoy that dull, pulling pain you get when the muscles are tight and tough. I myself, have a hard time holding a stretch the day after a strong workout. For someone who often cross trains, I’d say my flexibility isn’t too shabby. However, my body seems to lose its usual suppleness when it’s sore or has just recently recovered from soreness. That’s going to be pretty evident in the photos below because these are shot while I was really sore from personal training the day before. 😀 They’re pretty honest photos, I must say! Continue reading Four Stretches For Recovery

Yoga for Dusk Runners

Before I got into yoga, running was my main thing. This was way before all the marathons and fun runs became so popular. I would wake up extra early in the summer, lace up my shoes and take an hour outdoors to get my dose of sweat. When the school year began, I would do it as soon as I got home. Late in the afternoon, right before it got dark. Once I started working, dawn and dusk running just didn’t work for me. My schedule became so tight that I could barely squeeze in a workout. Aching to get good runs in, I pushed myself to do it late in the evenings after work.

Having tried running at different hours of the day, I realized that I performed best at dusk, when I wasn’t too sleepy (I’m admittedly not a morning person), not bothered by the heat, and not too tired and ready to sleep. The thing about it, however, is that when you train hard from dusk until late in the evening, the body gets so amped that you may have trouble sleeping at night. We all know that rest is essential to recovery and the quality of sleep you get greatly affects the quality of your performance the next day. I’m not just talking about how you perform in running, in the gym or in any other sport, but also your day-to-day activities. But if the only time you have to run is after work or school hours, there’s always yoga to help slow you down and get you ready for the rest of the evening.

You don’t always need a mat or take a class to reap the benefits of a yoga practice. Here’s a short sequence (literally shot after a late afternoon run) you can follow no matter what your flexibility level is. Be sure to take at least 3-5 long, slow breaths (through the nose) for each pose. Continue reading Yoga for Dusk Runners

Pineapple-Ginger Recovery Smoothie

It’s the morning after The Global Mala Project and if you went and made the most out of the event, you’re probably feeling sore like I am. But GMP or not, we all have our days when tightness, stiffness and soreness all come to visit and ask for a bit of TLC. And because many have asked me for this recipe, I’m sharing with you the really easy, really quick recipe to a natural (and soothing) recovery drink. Continue reading Pineapple-Ginger Recovery Smoothie