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MORNINGS (Instagram Live #1): Morning Wellness Practices

Mornings set the tone and mood of your day and establish the foundations of your hustle–Nat (my life partner) and I are helping you do the same: build a solid foundation through your wellness journey (and yeah, okay, fitness too) through raw, early morning, right-out-of-bed, casual chitchat from our humble little home. Join us every Wednesday, 7:30 AM PHT on Instagram (@nkitorres and @thenatcruz) as we go LIVE on both our accounts to talk all things fitness and wellness and answer your Q’s.

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#OneFitYear with The Superfood Grocer – (Giveaway ENDED)

Here’s the second instalment of the One Fit Year giveaway! I’m so excited to tell you guys what the Superfood Grocer is sharing with you.

I’ve discovered the use of Superfoods in my smoothies back in 2012. I’ve been vegetarian for a year back then and didn’t know what I was missing until I found The Superfood Grocer on one of the racks in the yoga studio I practiced in at the time.

The Superfood Grocer offers a wide range of products that give you and your body a BOOST. These are the sort of stuff I douse myself with each time I feel weak or drained of energy. My favourites are Spirulina and Maca which I use for post-workout smoothies. They’re perfect for recovery as they speed up the body’s repair process naturally. Maca helps me sleep better too. Another one is the Vanilla Hemp Rice Protein which is the perfect, plant-based alternative to Whey.

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