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5 Reasons Why I’m Done Kicking Potatoes Out of My Diet

High Protein, High Fat, Low Carb. This is how we eat and we think that’s healthy.

The most common diets both athletes and fitness enthusiasts are on these days consist of anything but enough Carbohydrates and Fiber. We’re made to believe that carbs make us fat and that we need ridiculous amounts of Protein. Today, even the average person with little to moderate physical activity is worried about where to get protein more than anything else. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I’m Done Kicking Potatoes Out of My Diet

Holiday Hacks | 6 Ways to Stay Healthy this Season

It’s that time of the year again. The season for endless celebrations, parties and socializing. With all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, it’s not unlikely to find it hard to stay on-track when it comes to wellness. Late nights socializing and attending parties may be a given within the next few weeks but this doesn’t mean we  should completely succumb to everyone else’s mindset of the Holidays being an excuse to just forget about staying healthy.

Here, I write 6 simple hacks to staying healthy this season. The most common, and I mean common, question I get is how not to put on the weight during Christmas and New Year’s, knowing how much we all like to bond over food and drinks. After all, who needs another resolution in 2017 when you have no trouble keeping at it now? Continue reading Holiday Hacks | 6 Ways to Stay Healthy this Season

Sweat Sesh: XYZ Indoor Cycling Studio Hong Kong

I remember getting into a discussion with a former colleague a few years back about how much she wanted to take spin classes to get back in shape. She was a cyclist and rode on weekends but felt that it wasn’t enough and was looking for something she could do every night after work. I knew stationary bikes existed but I never knew, at the time, that they held classes using the equipment. In my head, I wondered, “Why would she want to sit on a stationary bike for an hour? That sounds boring.” And BORING was the first word that always came to mind the minute I heard the words “Spin” and “Class” together. Continue reading Sweat Sesh: XYZ Indoor Cycling Studio Hong Kong

Sweat Sesh Playlist – Remaking an 80’s Classic

Oh hey, it’s my first entry since the migration of Pretty Darn Fit. I mentioned in my last post that all these changes are happening in celebration of my first year in the blogosphere. Does that mean I’m a pro blogger yet? Not quite. But I am damn proud of myself for doing every single thing on my own considering how ignorant I am when it comes to setting up a website. There’s not much change around here just yet, I’m saving the site revamp for later. Of course, all you fit girls out there will still get the same swag from me. So that’s a milestone for us. We now wait for the next one which is Pretty Darn Fit’s first birthday happening in July!


So given that we have so much reason to celebrate, I put together this month’s playlist based on my major inspiration ever since I was eight. I wasn’t even born when Flashdance came out in 1983 and I didn’t watch until 13 years after. My young, innocent mind probably didn’t understand what was going on entirely but I didn’t care. I loved the attitude of the whole film. And Jennifer Beals instantly turned herself into an icon just by sitting there in here loose gray sweater and red pumps, how effortless is that?! I may be an old soul, but I gotta say this granny knows what makes women sexy. 😉

Image Credit: tsquirrel.com
Image Credit: tsquirrel.com

So, if I were to recreate the entire Flashdance soundtrack on Spotify (which I already did), this is how it’s going to sound like:

Of course, it wouldn’t be Flashdance if the song Maniac isn’t in it! A few songs from this playlist (not Maniac, though) will be appearing in my first few classes when I launch NTSweatSesh late next month! It’s my signature class that combines Toning + Cardio Dance and a lot of other movements to keep things fun and your body, seriously working! If you are in Manila and are interested in being one of the few to train and just sweat with me, send me an email through nikki@prettydarnfit.com and let’s talk.

Image Credit: btchflcks.com
Image Credit: btchflcks.com

Now, press play and move until you find the urge to shake the sweat out of your hair. 😀
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Yoga for Dusk Runners

Before I got into yoga, running was my main thing. This was way before all the marathons and fun runs became so popular. I would wake up extra early in the summer, lace up my shoes and take an hour outdoors to get my dose of sweat. When the school year began, I would do it as soon as I got home. Late in the afternoon, right before it got dark. Once I started working, dawn and dusk running just didn’t work for me. My schedule became so tight that I could barely squeeze in a workout. Aching to get good runs in, I pushed myself to do it late in the evenings after work.

Having tried running at different hours of the day, I realized that I performed best at dusk, when I wasn’t too sleepy (I’m admittedly not a morning person), not bothered by the heat, and not too tired and ready to sleep. The thing about it, however, is that when you train hard from dusk until late in the evening, the body gets so amped that you may have trouble sleeping at night. We all know that rest is essential to recovery and the quality of sleep you get greatly affects the quality of your performance the next day. I’m not just talking about how you perform in running, in the gym or in any other sport, but also your day-to-day activities. But if the only time you have to run is after work or school hours, there’s always yoga to help slow you down and get you ready for the rest of the evening.

You don’t always need a mat or take a class to reap the benefits of a yoga practice. Here’s a short sequence (literally shot after a late afternoon run) you can follow no matter what your flexibility level is. Be sure to take at least 3-5 long, slow breaths (through the nose) for each pose. Continue reading Yoga for Dusk Runners

Juice Cleansing: Is it Worth the Squeeze?

By now you probably have been exposed, through one way or another, to the all-too-popular “Juice Cleanse”. If you’re not on it or haven’t tried it, you (at the least) know someone who has. All the beautiful people from Beyonce to Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it and with all these stores popping up offering anywhere from a 2 to a 7-day juice cleanse, it has become so easy to shell out good money and drink the Kool-aid. To add to that, bottles and bottles of fresh, cold-pressed juices are conveniently delivered daily to what could be more than a thousand doorsteps that I can’t help but wonder, is it really worth the squeeze?

Continue reading Juice Cleansing: Is it Worth the Squeeze?

Four Belly-Busting Moves You Can Do with Just a Blanket

Random fact: My yoga classes are often noisy. Now some of you may frown upon reading this. And perhaps, if you are a yoga teacher, you’re probably shaking your head at the thought. Yep. I love hearing the students laugh in class, let out a huge sigh or groan (and then laugh again), or quickly whisper something to the person on the mat next to them. That’s when I feel connected to them the most (while in class) and that’s also when they often realize that it’s okay to laugh at themselves. Yoga classes are supposed to calm you and if calming down means letting out a few laughs, then so be it.

What often works so well in getting even the most quiet and serious practitioners to at least smile or loosen up a bit in my classes is serious core work— so serious that they can’t help but laugh. Continue reading Four Belly-Busting Moves You Can Do with Just a Blanket

A Few Months Later with the Go Steady All-Mat

I was lucky enough to work with Go Steady in September last year for a simple giveaway here at Pretty Darn Fit. In the process, I got to know the brand, the strong-willed woman who started it and of course, their flagship product—the All-Mat. I was given my own mat to try and after a few months of use, I decided to write this entry only because I think it deserves proper recognition. When I first learned about the story behind the brand, I felt a strong sense of familiarity and connection. It’s something I’ve personally experienced and something many others can relate to. Vanessa Gabriel was once employed at a multinational company and just like many young professionals today, she was hardworking, ambitious and possessed that go-getter attitude. As her long hours of working began to wear her out, she found yoga. Continue reading A Few Months Later with the Go Steady All-Mat

5 Health Resolutions You Need to Stop Making Every New Year

We all bear witness to an annual flooding of New Year’s Resolutions in nearly every social media platform. Many post status updates, snap photos and caption them with their resolutions or type up a 165-character version of it for all their followers to read.  Whether you’ve heard them from your friends, your family or maybe even said them yourself each year, I’ve rounded up five of my favourite health resolutions that often end up, well… being on the list again the following year. Continue reading 5 Health Resolutions You Need to Stop Making Every New Year

5 Awesome Food Items You Probably Forgot Existed

Your grocery cart is your vehicle to a healthier diet. But although many groceries and supermarkets these days carry healthier options, the most affordable yet fresh produce can still be found in wet markets. Going vegan and/or cleaning up your diet doesn’t always have to start with a pricey juice cleanse. With just a bit of creativity, the regular amount of money you spend on the food you currently eat will definitely go far.

Continue reading 5 Awesome Food Items You Probably Forgot Existed