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The Secrets to Naturally Glowing Skin at Any Age

Finally, vegan and eco-ethical beauty products are making it to the local mainstream market!

After my last beach trip, I went on an unplanned trip to my dermatologist and realised that while I’m all about self-care and wellness, I have been (quite ironically) neglecting my skin through extreme sun exposure and not hydrating enough especially during the summer.

I decided to turn things around and revamped my skin care regimen to include, what I would say, are current faves from DermaE. Of course, these products are just a piece of the pie.

Nikki Torres Vegan Skin Care

While I’m pretty much nailing the diet part through a vegan diet, Lots of sleep and hydration are something I am still working on (but with good progress!).

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If you’re up to learn more about keeping your skin naturally beautiful at any age, then come to the HO Talk happening on September 5. Get your tickets at any Healthy Options branch. See you there!