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This Australian Beauty Brand Finally Brings its Vegan Cosmetic Line to the PH

Eye of Horus, known for its a illuminating cosmetics based on sacred Egyptian formulas has finally brought in its vegan line of cosmetics to the Philippines.

I’m no make-up expert, but I know for a fact that the brand is a cult fave among those who are.

Fun Fact: On days, when I am not out sweating in the studio or gym, I actually put a bit of makeup on.

And I’m always careful about the brands I choose. Being vegan, I refuse to put on anything that has ingredients that come from animals (because why would you?)

I have always been crazy about skincare and this is mostly because I use makeup to enhance my facial features, not hide any of them. So when I got hold of Eye of Horus’ Goddess Bio range, I was happy none of the pieces were complicated to use. Well, okay, maybe seeing the liquid eyeliner made me nervous at first.

So, I tried them on…

nikki torres beauty wellness

And yay! I think I did pretty well with the liquid liner. I also adore the Nile Brow Fibre Extend. I already have thick brows and don’t need to do much with them so this works perfectly for me.

The Goddess Bio range is made up of products that are 98% natural origin, paraben-free and 100% vegan. The lash lift mascara and lipsticks, formulated with key botanicals, use nature to nurture the lash, skin and lips.

The Bio lipstick could have been easier to apply. It took several swipes to get the coverage I wanted but the shade (Freya) looked great on my morena skin.

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The Eye of Horus Goddess Bio Range is available exclusively through Glamour Box PH. Visit their website to shop via