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This New Boutique Studio Lets You Throw More Punches in Less Time

Seems that these days we all go for short, yet intense workouts. And yes, the more intense, the better. I got to visit the newest boutique boxing studio, Flyweight, and let’s just say their signature 45-minute class felt like a good 12-round fight. I was knocked out after, and I mean that in a good way (why do we like torturing ourselves?!)

The place is located at the second floor of Eight Forbestown in Taguig (near the Burgos Circle), which is now looking like a wellness hub with L!Fe Yoga, Electric Studio as well as other wellness establishments running within the same level. No way you’ll miss it.

Boutique Boxing Manila

Inside you’ll find the usual receiving area, locker rooms on the second level and two studios–one on each floor. We held the group class at the main studio, Bas.

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Although I knew many of the other attendees, I was stoked to find fellow Fitness Blogger and Fashion Stylist, Kelly Medina. We just worked out together the day before so it was so much fun to kill ourselves together once again the following day. Haha

Health and Wellness - Flyweight

Flyweight offers more than your usual boxing workout. The studio holds roughly 30 bags. No rings, no speed or hanging balls. A trainer takes one of the bags at the center and leads the entire group through the class.

Fitness Boxing
With our trainer, Aaron, and Kelly of LiftStyle

Aaron, our trainer for that session, led us through the full 45-minute workout without any water break (unless you decide to take it on your own), and nothing but active rests in plank while still punching your bag.

We were throwing different combos the entire time, rock music blasting through the speakers, sweat flying everywhere.

Nikki Torres fitness

Towards the last few Mountain Climbers, I was shaking my head from the burning in my shoulders. I got up to take my gloves off and grab my water bottle but he came to me and convinced me to stay down and pull through the last few exercises. I did so while thinking, “this guy’s insane.” By the end of it, I was DRENCHED in sweat but was thankful he pushed me to finish.

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I got to chat with the team behind Flyweight after class and I was told that their full roster of classes will be available early next year.

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KO’d post workout! Haha

Right now, it’s all about giving us a taste of what’s to come–and trust me, it’s bound to get you hooked. Just that rush of adrenaline, feeling like the Pac–or even Rousey during freestyle, feeding off the amazing energy from the other “fighters” around you are more than enough to keep you coming back. And it only takes 45 minutes.

Flyweight is located at the second floor, Eight Forbestown Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Visit to book your first class or follow them on Instagram for updates. 

Photos and Video by Nic Lim