Woman We Love: Yoga with Sanya Lopez

Just last week, I published the first instalment of a series of posts featuring beautiful women who spark inspiration. We started out with Gabbi Garcia who nailed the NT Sweat Sesh we did together. If you weren’t able to catch that one, you can read it here.

This week, we’re focusing on Sanya Lopez, who tried her first yoga class with me. Sanya didn’t know what to expect but ended up feeling ecstatic when she started to break some serious sweat during our class.

Sanya Lopez Pretty Darn Fit

Having completely no background in yoga, I was surpised by the amount of focus she was able to put into her practice. This lady went through balancing poses like she did them in her sleep.

Sanya Lopez Nikki Torres

Also naturally flexible, this sweetheart enjoyed the stretches although of  course, she still found some of them challenging.

When I asked her after class, Sanya couldn’t wait to get on the mat once again. Whew!

When not busy taping for the upcoming remake of GMA Network’s Encantadia, Sanya spends time in the gym, running on the treadmill or working on her core strength. She says, she wants to maintain her physique and fit well in her costume as she plays Danaya in the series.


I bet it’s a lot of pressure to fit in nothing but a bralette and skirt that show off the belly.  But here’s how Sanya does it:

  1. LEMON WATER. She drinks a glass of room temperature or warm water with fresh-squeezed lemon juice in it first thing in the morning. Lemon water is known for its alkalizing effect in the body. It also has tons of benefits which include boosting the body’s immunity and aiding the digestion process.
  2. SWEET POTATOES. Also a self-confessed rice lover, Sanya now controls her white rice consumption by replacing it with sweet potatoes. Great move especially because she needs the fuel for gruelling taping sessions and rehearsals. Tip: Ladies, do not fear carbohydrates. They don’t make you fat, junk food does. 😉 


Sanya likes getting on the treadmill to run each time she hits the gym. She runs 30 mins to a full hour and targets those abs through core exercises such as crunches.

Sanya Lopez Encantadia

Trying to fit into your dream dress too? Here are some things you can do:

Run intervals. Start with a 30-min run wherein you alternate between brisk walking, jogging and sprinting. Start with 5 mins of fast-paced walking, 8 mins of steady pace jogging and 2 mins of running as fast as you can or sprinting, after which you repeat the cycle.

Get your whole body to work. While focusing on a certain body part each time you workout is a good idea, you cannot just crunch your way to solid abs. You have to get your whole body in on the project. Believe it or not, planks (done in good form) are better than crunches. And yes, squats work your core/abs too.

Sanya Lopez Danaya Encantadia

Balance out your routine. While running is a great form of cardio, you’ll benefit more from alternating between this exercise, strength training (such as weight-lifting or calisthenics) and a form of recovery (such as yoga or self-myofascial release).

Sanya Lopez Nikki Torres Yoga

Finally, do it out of love and not because you dislike your body. Sanya opened up about feeling conscious about her body when she was 16. For someone who has a naturally slim physique, she felt uncomfortable when her waistline shot up to 28/29 inches. We all go through phases wherein our insecurities get the best of us. Sanya considered this a wake-up call and began exercising and watching what she ate. Although, she didn’t cut out the rice until she had to prepare for Encantadia, she says her only rule in dieting is to watch what and how much she eats.

Sanya Lopez Nikki Torres

Watch out for Sanya Lopez aka Danaya on Encantadia, airing in July 2016! Follow her on Instagram, @sanyalopez to know more about this sweetheart.

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