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Women Who Dare Movement | Justine Cordero of Color Manila

We’re starting a new revolution here at Pretty Darn Fit. A movement for the strong, bold and beautiful women who’ve got their own. Women who’ve got their priorities straight and their goals locked down. Those who do not need anyone to rise above the challenges but have no problem lifting others up with them. Welcome to the WWDMvmnt.

Justine Cordero, one of the youngest and boldest entrepreneurs I know, has made running events more fun and vibrant by co-founding Color Manila. 

Color Manila Run

If you reside in the Philippines, chances are you’ve heard of it in the news, seen a friend post a rainbow-colored, post-run selfie or probably have run an event yourself. Color Manila has swept through the Philippine running scene in its last five years and the brand isn’t slowing down.

Female Entrepreneur Justine Cordero

Justine has always been into keeping herself fit and healthy. A former DLSU cheerleader, she knew it was a must to stick to a regular training schedule, getting into a variety of activities such as yoga, strength and conditioning and *coughs* NT Sweat (yay!)

Seeing how more and more Filipinos wanted to get into running, she found an opportunity to create something that would encourage people to sign up for an actual race without that feeling of intimidation. Hence, the first Color Manila Run. Each race offers more than your usual run, adding twists to every race route with colorful powder, photo-worthy stops from start to end and a party waiting for you at the finish line. A beautiful mess, if you ask me.

Color Manila Justine Cordero

Things haven’t always been as colorful, though. Justine says there will always be struggles–people pulling you down and not believing in what you do.

“We see them as challenges,”

What makes all of this worth it? “Seeing the thousands of people when they throw that color powder up in the air, shouting I love Color Manila!–and they’re not intoxicated at all! The best part is, I share this fulfilment with the whole Color Manila team who worked so hard for this event,” she says.

But although she runs events monthly with a team under her wing, this bossbabe does not live a totally laidback life. Just how does she pull it off? “Always be in search for the essence and meaning of what you do. You’ll never get tired of working on something you are passionate about.”

And what about squeezing in those workouts? Travel? Family time? “My schedule is always on point! I always remind myself what my priorities are and  these are reflected in my daily schedule”.

Justine Cordero Pretty Darn Fit

Now to get to know this girl a little better:

Nikki: Magazine or iPad
Justine: Magazine

N: Your go-to snack
J: Something sweet!

N: Your top inspos (name up to three!)
J: Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce Knowles, Oprah Winfrey

N: Cardio or Strength Training?
J: Both!

N: City Lights or Beaches?
J: City lights on sophisticated nights, beaches on carefree sunny days.

N: Favorite way to squeeze in a sweat on a busy day
J: Ashtanga or Hot Yoga

N: Heels or Sneakers?
J: Heels for my inner goddess, sneakers for my inner heroine

N: On working spaces–at home / an office or anywhere outdoors?
J: Office for grinding, anywhere outside for squeezing out creative juices

N: If your style was a genre of music, what would it be?
J: Jazz.

Check out Color Manila on Instagram. Follow Justine’s personal Instagram account and check out how she juggles work with fitness, fun and travel.

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