Your Holiday Gift Guide to Health & Fitness Items (that won’t break the bank)

The Holidays are just around the corner and with all the traffic and the growing crowd of shoppers, finding the perfect gifts become more and more of a feat each weekend we get closer to Christmas.

I totally get you.

That’s why I put together a short list of fun and cool gift ideas for any  type of Health & Fitness freak in your family and circle of friends. So, whether you are on the giving or receiving end, this Holiday Gift Guide will surely make accomplishing both your gift and wish lists much easier.

For your homegirl who likes to sweat it out whether in her living room, outdoors or at the gym.

  1. JAWBONE UP MOVE (P2890, R.O.X.)- This small yet powerful fitness tracker syncs to an app through your mobile device to monitor your physical activities. Clip on your shirt or wear as a band (wristband sold separately), and make the coming year your fittest ever.
  2. CORE ADJUSTABLE KETTLEBELL (P1886, Toby’s Sports)- More room for progress and less storage space required. Adjust the weight of the kettlebell depending on your fitness level. A smart purchase for those who work out at home.
  3. adidas PERFORMANCE TOTE BAG (P1595, adidas)- Because these days, gym totes don’t have to look like a sandbag. And who could resist that color?
  4. CASSALL SEAMLESS UNDERWEAR (P900, Aura Athletica)- Seriously, your yoga-pant-loving friends will thank you. I have several of these (thanks to my Aura Athletica family) and they are the most comfortable, most liberating things yet. They come in hipsters and thongs–take your pick.
  5. YURBUDS INSPIRE 200 by JBL (P1800, R.O.X.)- Earbuds that don’t come off while you workout. Everyone needs them (they come in really nice colors too).

Get this a girl a gift–no, a reward for being the best in keeping her cool throughout the past year. 

  1. LOVETUNER (P2550, by order through The Lovetuner is a small, mindfulness tool you can wear as a necklace. Personally, I find the vibrations calming each time I use mine.  And I know this may sound too hippie to some, but, the sound that comes off of it is at 528Hz–the frequency of love and healing. The Lovetuner aligns ourselves with this frequency. Check out for more details.
  2. YOGALOVE HEALING CREAM (P550, Messy Bessy)-From headaches to sore muscles and bodies that need an instant lift, YogaLove soothes all of them and relaxes the senses. A staple in my yoga practice.
  3. TIBETAN SINGING BOWL (P3500, OM Lifestyle cafe)- Perfect for meditation practices and relaxation. The small singing bowls at OM Lifestyle cafe come in a couple of different colors that make them unique. Yeah, I saw one in pink too. <3
  4. DOTERRA THERAPEUTIC-GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS (P1800 for a starter kit, G Stuff Rockwell)- These potent essential oils help address various health concerns from detoxifying the body to an upset stomach, to sleepless nights.  This is where a small drop really goes a long way. Starter kits (with the three most basic essential oils) are available for those looking to try it out first.
  5.  CUSTOMIZED BRACELETS AND MALA BEADS (Price available upon request, Soulfree Custohm)- Because a Zen Goddess puts her heart in her philosophy and wears her heart on her sleeve, err…wrist…or neck. Check out their Instagram account for more design ideas and beautifully crafted items.

When healthy food is serious business, you must be armed with knowledge on what to get.

  1. VEGAN SWEET TREATS (P80-P200, Earth Desserts)- Who says no to desserts especially during the Holiday season? Tell your loved one these are cruelty-free and guilt-free. No dairy, no eggs, no unhappy animals! Because Christmas is for everyone to celebrate. Check out Earth Desserts on Instagram or contact +63 9277434414 for orders.
  2. THE SUPERFOOD GROCER STARTER PACK (P999, The Superfood Grocer)- Choose to just add a boost to green smoothies or go crazy in the kitchen trying out Super recipes. Learn more and order through
  3. MISTER TEA NOVELTY TEA INFUSER (P80, Regina’s)- Let Mister Tea calm down in your chamomile tea before you do.
  4. RECAP FOR MASON JARS (P450, Green Selections)- You know how the original mason jar lids start to rust overtime and you end up using an entirely new jar even though its glass body is in perfect condition? This solves that. Follow Green Selections on Instagram for more.
  5. VEGAN CASHEW ROMANO CHEESE (P175, The REAL Happy Cow)- Let’s face it, everyone loves cheese. But not everyone digs dairy. The Real Happy Cow has quickly become one of my favorite brands because of its philosophy and the heart that goes behind the production of each pack. Not to mention their Cashew Romano Cheese is so good, I secretly eat it on its own. Best used on: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Find The Real Happy Cow on Facebook for orders and a complete list of their product offerings.

For the girl who knows that true beauty is too good to be masked with tons of unhealthy gunk.

  1. NO DROUGHT DRY SHAMPOO (P575, Lush)- For those who suffer from dryness and breakage through daily wet shampooing, dry shampoo is like mana from heaven and good ones aren’t easy to find here in Manila. For when you want your hair clean and grease-free but just can’t stand a daily wet shampoo regimen. No, it’s not gross, it’s the sad truth for many.
  2. OATMEAL & CHAMOMILE MUD MASK (P380, Nekkid Beauty)- Gift this and use it on your next sleepover/girls’ slumber party. You know, face covered in mask while watching horror flicks and eating popcorn. Plus part is you get to benefit from it too! Visit to place your order.
  3. SACHA INCHI OIL (P835, V&M Naturals)- Give the promise of (almost) eternal youth. V&M’s Sachi Inchi Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Sacha Inchi, a plant native to the lands of Peru. Similar to Argan Oil, the Sacha Inchi restores lost moisture and keeps skin looking young and vibrant. Available at V&M Naturals kiosks and on their website
  4. PEPPERMINT CASTILE SOAP (P350, Casa de Lorenzo)- A product I personally love, Casa de Lorenzo’s Castile Soap cleanses the skin gently without leaving it dry. Feel free to skip your moisturizer with this variant because it’s made of coconut oil that instantly makes skin more soft and supple. I know most soap commercials say just that, but you’ve got to trust me on this one. The peppermint scent smells amazing too. Order online through
  5. LIME CRIME VELVETINES LIQUID MATTE LIPSTICK (P1300, insTATIgram Shop)- Lime Crime Velvetines are Vegan! And we all know that women can do away without makeup but lip color is crucial. Tati makes Lime Crime lipsticks available here at a lower price compared to others in the market. These come in awesome shades every girl will love. Order through @instatigramshop on Instagram.
  • Thanks for these suggestions! The Real Happy Cow’s cashew romano cheese sounds great! So do the Cassall seamless underwear and Lush’s dry shampoo. 🙂

    • TRHC’s Cashew Romano is AWESOME. You should try the rest of their product offerings! You might want to sign up for Ekam’s No Inhibitions event. Check it out here: 🙂