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5 Reasons Why I’m Done Kicking Potatoes Out of My Diet

High Protein, High Fat, Low Carb. This is how we eat and we think that’s healthy.

The most common diets both athletes and fitness enthusiasts are on these days consist of anything but enough Carbohydrates and Fiber. We’re made to believe that carbs make us fat and that we need ridiculous amounts of Protein. Today, even the average person with little to moderate physical activity is worried about where to get protein more than anything else.

Before I was vegan, I went through what, I think, is a common phase in a young woman’s life. I was conscious about my body. I tried different fitness programs, and went on all sorts of fad diets. And for a long time, even when I was already plant-based, starchy vegetables and grains were embarrassed to even be on my plate.

Through my years of learning from mentors and credible sources, clients and most of all, from my own body, I’ve let go of the idea of Carbs being the enemy. Here, I’m shining the spotlight on the crop that has gained a bad rap but is actually very helpful in improving athletic performance. This is why I’m done being afraid of Carbs- Potatoes to be specific.

nutrition, fitness, wellness

  1. US Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber. And while everyone tells us to eat fat because it makes us feel full longer, potatoes are waving their arms saying they do just the same. One medium US potato (left with the skin on) contains 2 grams of Fiber which is 8% of your recommended daily value. Dietary Fiber, which hasn’t been getting the attention is deserves, helps regulate blood glucose and improves blood lipid levels. Your heart will thank you.
  2. They have more Potassium than a banana. Potassium helps the body function properly in physical activity by regulating fluids and mineral balance. It’s vital in transmitting nerve signals and in helping muscles contract. US Potatoes rank highest among potassium-rich foods with a whopping 620 mg of Potassium versus the 422 mg you find in a banana. 
  3. They help restore electrolyte balance and you have its potassium and sodium content to thank for. When we sweat, we lose a lot. US Potatoes help restore electrolyte balance to keep the body performing at its peak. Perfect for long hours of intense physical activity.
  4. They’re rich in Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is essential in breaking down Glycogen, a substance formed when sugar or glucose is stored as energy. When broken down, Glucose is used by the body as fuel rather than stored as fat. This enhances endurance, useful for runners and triathletes.
  5. A US Potato is only 110 calories. That’s a lot less than most high (yet empty) calorie food items out in the market today. So no, US potatoes will not make you fat. 

Check out to learn how US Potatoes benefit a healthy lifestyle and for easy recipes you can add to your menu plan. Sources for this article have been provided by Potatoes USA.