Bidding the Year of Radical Self Love “Goodbye”

You sprinted, you strolled, you climbed up and tumbled down. We’ve each had our share of smooth-sailing seas and rough turbulent flows the past year and now we’re about to say goodbye–goodbye to the year of radical self love. The year you promised to make your life more purposeful and mindful, not to the point of selfishness, but to a higher level of well…self love.

Health Wellness Nikki Torres

And so on the eve of 2017, we celebrate all that was and has been. We celebrate YOU…

  1. For working harder but guiltlessly taking a weekday off when you feel the need to.
  2. For not letting anyone tell you you spend too much on your favorite cup of coffee.
  3. For graduating from beer or hard liquor to a glass of red wine.
  4. For trading long nights out for hygge.
  5. For falling, then brushing yourself off and saying, “Screw this. I’m gonna do that again.”
  6. For spotting those who give you less than you deserve and dropping them like sandbags.
  7. For finally learning to say NO.
  8. For the numerous opportunities you gladly said YES.
  9. For loving yourself more, but also opening up to loving others quite randomly.
  10. For landing your dream job then leaving to chase your DREAM.
  11. For the love that was lost and the YOU that has been found.

Feels good doesn’t it? Now, forget all the ways 2016 sucked and see it for what it really is: just one of the many tough hurdles you survived. CHEERS TO THAT.

Happy New Year, darlings! x