Float Tank Manila

Now You Can Float like Eleven from Stranger Things Here in Manila

If you’ve seen the series Stranger Things, you probably remember Eleven (one of the lead characters), submerge herself in an inflatable pool filled with saltwater to access a parallel dimension called the “upside down”.

Floating is a method of therapy which involves sensory deprivation–the deliberate removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses.

In yoga, this practice is called Pratyahara or withdrawal of the senses. Pratyahara aids in meditation and allows one to shut out external influences.

But with all the noise and clutter that an urban setting brings, even a 5-minute pause becomes a feat. Now, what a Float Tank does is it acts as training wheels–a tool to make it easier to draw the attention inwards.

Couple Opens Up Their Home to Floaters
After originally bringing in a float tank for their personal use, couple Ben and Jeng Paulson, decided to open up their home in San Miguel Village, Makati to those who wish to experience the benefits of floating.  Although only one tank is available, they allow bookings for a maximum of two at a time. They have a massage therapist come in when needed so that one can float while the other gets a massage and then switch afterwards.

Who are their usual clients, you ask? Athletes, businessmen, they even have a poker champ coming in to float. Anyone who needs a boost in focus and mental clarity or just needs to get away from all the noise can come in.

What to Expect

Everyone is encouraged to follow a few pre-floating procedures which include taking a shower and emptying your bladder (so you don’t end up feeling antsy within the hour), applying ointment on open cuts and putting in earplugs so you don’t have to worry about the water getting in your ears.

The tank is filled with skin-temperature water and 400kg of Epsom salt. You get in completely nekkid but hey, don’t worry about it. No one will be there in the room with you. Once you’re in, the tank is closed (they’ll show you how to do that before you float) so that absolutely no light comes in. The room is kept quiet except for a small speaker that signals when the hour has started and when you’re down to your last five minutes.

Floating, Meditation, Sensory Deprivation

Thync Vibes
In addition to floating, Ben and Jeng also offer the use of a wearable called Thync. It’s a small device you attach to the side of your forehead, near your temple area. It actively sends out vibrations that help elevate mood (Energy) and reduce stress (Calm).

Book your first floating experience through the Float Manila website or follow them on Instagram, @floatmanila.