No Escaping Your Greens: The Vegan Food Delivery Service Guide

Manila, you are just about to run out of excuses NOT to go plant-based. I’ve listed down six vegan delivery services that will knock your socks off and make life so much easier for you. Now, there’s no need to worry about where to go. All you have to do is pick up your phone and let them find you. And darling, I say that is sweet surrender. No need to run away from your broccoli the way you did when mom tried to shove that fork into your mouth.

It was once a real struggle to live as a vegetarian (let alone be vegan) in the Philippines. But today, as more and more people’s eyes are opened to the reality of the food industry, the plant-based food market has also began to expand its offerings. Say goodbye to boring, bland, vegetables. Here’s where to find vegan food or should I say, which vegan food services will find you. Check them out if you’re curious or interested about becoming vegan. You just might be surprised.

JUICESABEL. Featured in a previous post here on the blog, Juicesabel offers cold-pressed juices, vegan burgers and other delicious food items that won’t leave a hole in your pocket. Apart from the single food item they offer per day, they have a few dishes on their regular menu that you can opt to order anytime.

Location/s: Kalayaan Ave (entering BGC) and a new branch at The Collective in Malugay.

Delivery: within areas close to any of the two branches

Price range: P80-P150 per meal

My personal recommendation: Their VEGAN longganisa tastes like VIGAN longganisa, but meat-free.

Vegan Longganisa with an egg-free Sunny Side up
Vegan Longganisa with an egg-free Sunny Side up
Vegan Burger
Vegan Burger

Get in touch: (0906) 468 34 26 or go to their Facebook Page and Instagram Account


GREENERY KITCHEN. A delivery service that offers a different dish each day. Once you are part of their database, they would send out their menu for the following day via SMS. Their weekly menu is published on their Facebook page with one different food item offered each day. They accept bulk orders and customize too.

Location: No restaurant but based in Makati

Delivers: Specific areas such as Makati CBD, BGC, Ortigas

My personal recommendation: Their Malunggay Dilis, no-meat Isaw and BBQ are my current favorites. Frankly, I haven’t eaten anything from Greenery Kitchen that I didn’t like.

Price range: P120-P150 per meal

Greenery Kitchen is known for its amazing Vegan Isaw, BBQ and the Malunggay Dilis
Greenery Kitchen is known for its amazing Vegan Isaw, BBQ and the Malunggay Dilis
Vegan Spam and Egg (not a real egg though!)

Get in touch: (0927) 606 9983 or find them on Instagram


CHINMAYII VEGETARIAN CATERER. Chinmayii delivers vegetarian and vegan meals and offers catering and food carving services.

Location: No restaurant but located at Southville Las Vegas, Binan, Laguna

Delivers: Within Laguna and in other areas including Cavite, Alabang, Muntinlupa, BGC, Makati and Manila.

Price range: P120-P200 per meal

How a typical Chinmayii vegan meal looks like
How a typical Chinmayii vegan meal looks like
Chinmayii's Vegan Japanese Curry
Chinmayii’s Vegan Japanese Curry looks like the real thing

Get in touch: (0927) 814 1743 or find them on Facebook.


GF Veg

GOOD FOOD VEGETARIAN. A vegetarian and vegan delivery service that, offers a different food item per day. Their menu is published on their Facebook page at the beginning of each week.

Location: No restaurant but based in Cubao, Quezon City

Delivers: specific areas such as Quezon City, Makati, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Pasig

Price range: P90-P105

Good Food's Meatless Sisig
Good Food’s Meatless Sisig
Vegan Caldereta. You won't miss your meat!
Vegan Caldereta. You won’t miss your meat!

Get in touch: (0932) 766 2206


EVOLVE BY COCOGREEN. CocoGreen is a whole foods store located at the G/F of the Picasso Hotel in Makati. They’ve partnered with Meeta Nanda of Hearth Vegan to bring you sumptuous vegan meals (lunch and dinner) delivered right to your doorstep.

Location: Salcedo Village, Makati

Delivers: areas near Makati

Price range: P300 per meal

Evolve serves a variety of meals for lunch and dinner
Evolve serves a variety of meals for lunch and dinner
They’re also always present at the Salcedo Weekend Market

Get in touch: Email or send orders through (0916) 6414309/(02) 232 8978. Find them on Facebook or Tag them in your photos on Instagram. Check out their website at for more details.

V Kitchen

V KITCHEN MANILA. The first vegan and vegetarian five-day meal plan in the country. No need to worry about your food when you sign up, they even got your snacks covered.

Location: Valle Verde, Pasig

Delivers: within the Pasig area

Price Range: P3250-P3600 for five days

V Kitchen offers a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes
V Kitchen offers a wide range of options for both vegan and vegetarian dishes
From your main meals to snacks and desserts, V Kitchen's meal plans have got you covered.
From your main meals to snacks and desserts, V Kitchen’s meal plans have got you covered.

Get in touch: (0927) 976 8088/ (0929) 710 0828 for orders and inquiries.  Know more about them through Facebook and Instagram

Got anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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