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MORNINGS (Instagram Live #1): Morning Wellness Practices

Mornings set the tone and mood of your day and establish the foundations of your hustle–Nat (my life partner) and I are helping you do the same: build a solid foundation through your wellness journey (and yeah, okay, fitness too) through raw, early morning, right-out-of-bed, casual chitchat from our humble little home. Join us every Wednesday, 7:30 AM PHT on Instagram (@nkitorres and @thenatcruz) as we go LIVE on both our accounts to talk all things fitness and wellness and answer your Q’s.

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Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

I’m no whiz in the kitchen but since I learned the value and importance of food preparation, I learned to make at least the simplest of dishes.

And when you have no one to feed but yourself (well, in my case, Nic, who does not complain most of the time), you dare to make bold moves and experiment just a little bit. After all, you’re eating whatever you end up making! So I totally get it when you find a recipe you really like but have trouble putting all the ingredients together. Some things are either really hard to find or so expensive, they’re just impractical to purchase.  Continue reading Recipe | A Holiday Green Bowl So Easy to Make and Customize

Healthy Vinegar Beverages are the Next Big Thing

First, there were smoothies, then there were cold-pressed juices, smoothie bowls and a whole lot of others in between. I LOVE all of these but one I’m currently crazy about is the tarty vinegar beverage I now use to replace my morning coffee. Continue reading Healthy Vinegar Beverages are the Next Big Thing

Slow Travelling [Photo Diary]

Kata Hill, Phuket

I’m not a traveller, but neither do I consider myself a tourist. I am fortunate to be able to get away from the city every now and then but extra fortunate when I fly out of the country for work and then get to squeeze in a short holiday.

I breathe new experiences, I hear different languages and I get to interact with various people. Continue reading Slow Travelling [Photo Diary]

Open Heart, Nourished Soul: How Yoga has Gifted Me with Both (Part II)

A month ago I published a post pouring out all my thoughts and musings during my trip to Bali. As I continued to visit a few other places within the country the past few weeks, I realized that I had so much time to see things from a different perspective lately which is why I promised write a second installation on the things I have learned about myself through yoga. I am sharing these with you with hopes that you discover as much, if not more, about yourself through your own practice or whatever holds your passions. Continue reading Open Heart, Nourished Soul: How Yoga has Gifted Me with Both (Part II)

Juicesabel Serves All Cruelty-Free, All Delicious Goodness

I just found my version of the “friendly neighborhood diner” I always see in the movies. Both my belly and heart are doing the happy dance.

Situated along the busy road of Kalayaan, I have been eyeing the place for several months but never got the chance to stop by. Seriously, it’s easy to miss! Juicesabel is a humble, little café that started out by serving cold-pressed juices. As the business gradually evolved, they began to offer vegan burgers and wraps. Today, the menu has expanded to a variety of lunch meals, vegan cakes and cookies made fresh everyday.

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Juice Cleansing: Is it Worth the Squeeze?

By now you probably have been exposed, through one way or another, to the all-too-popular “Juice Cleanse”. If you’re not on it or haven’t tried it, you (at the least) know someone who has. All the beautiful people from Beyonce to Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it and with all these stores popping up offering anywhere from a 2 to a 7-day juice cleanse, it has become so easy to shell out good money and drink the Kool-aid. To add to that, bottles and bottles of fresh, cold-pressed juices are conveniently delivered daily to what could be more than a thousand doorsteps that I can’t help but wonder, is it really worth the squeeze?

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Pineapple-Ginger Recovery Smoothie

It’s the morning after The Global Mala Project and if you went and made the most out of the event, you’re probably feeling sore like I am. But GMP or not, we all have our days when tightness, stiffness and soreness all come to visit and ask for a bit of TLC. And because many have asked me for this recipe, I’m sharing with you the really easy, really quick recipe to a natural (and soothing) recovery drink. Continue reading Pineapple-Ginger Recovery Smoothie

Why Going on a Diet Won’t Work but Changing Your Perspective Will

Ever got yourself a light meal for lunch, like a salad or sandwich, and heard “are you on a diet?” from the person you’re eating with? The word diet, in our culture, has been given so many different meanings.  It could be anything from cutting back on food intake to all-out fasting.  It could last anywhere from a day to 7 days to a lifetime.

But are short-term diets really sustainable?

Don’t get me wrong. Nearly all the diet programs out there DO work. These deliver visible results in a really short span of time helping you drop pounds in just a matter of days. I went on a popular 7-day diet about 7 years ago and lost 8 pounds in just 3 days. I was happy it was working but on the 4th day, I had to stop. I was feeling lightheaded and cranky and barely had enough energy to concentrate in school (I was in college at the time). I began eating normally again and gained those 8 pounds back by the end of the week. The good thing was, I was able to focus again and I didn’t get any more of those mood swings.

I guess my point here is, short-term diets are mostly meant for people with medical conditions. The 7-day program I tried was designed for patients who are about to undergo heart surgery and needed to lose weight FAST.

My conclusion: You WILL lose weight but you’ll only gain it back as quickly as you lost it.

So let the word DIET mean something different. Turn your entire view of the subject around and you just might find yourself shedding off all that excess weight quicker than you can finish that vegan chocolate cake. 

Your diet shouldn’t be something you go on when you need to lose weight for an upcoming wedding but something you live out every single day, reflecting in each one of your meals.

Don’t make your diet a punishment for not being able to live up to the standards you set for yourself. Rather, let it be your medium of nourishing your body and fuelling up for greater things ahead.


  • It’s okay to start by tracking the amount of calories you consume. However, you can only do this for so long. Use calorie tracking as training wheels and get a feel of how eating good food is like. Learn to let go of it eventually. If you really feel the urge to watch what you’re eating, keep a food journal so you can monitor your eating habits and the kinds of food you eat.
Keep a detailed log of your meals and review your journal at the end of the day to see if there's a pattern in your eating habits. Image source: chacha.com
Keep a detailed log of your meals and review your journal at the end of the day to see if there’s a pattern in your eating habits. Image source: chacha.com
  • If you do count calories, think of your caloric limit as a daily budget. You either spend it on something worthwhile or you spend it on something unnecessary. Choose quality food over empty calories. Oftentimes, the better ones leave you with so much more room to eat (*cough* vegetables).
myFitnessPal is a free mobile app that helps you track your calories and exercises. Image Source: rippedclub.net
myFitnessPal is a free mobile app that helps you track your calories and exercises. Image Source: rippedclub.net
  • Count the nutritional value of the food you eat rather than just focusing on other things like calories and fat all the time. Highly beneficial food can be high in calories and contain much (good) fat. See The Many Faces of 200 Calories
  • Eat until you’re satisfied, not FULL. That’s about 60% of your stomach. 20% of the space should be left for water and 20% should be empty leaving room for food to move around as the stomach digests it. This way, you help your body absorb nutrients from your food more and you don’t end up wasting the calories you consume.
  • GET MOVING. This is a really old one but I just had to bring it up. Moving burns calories. Regular exercise boosts your body’s capability to burn calories and fat allowing you to trim down and shed excess fat faster. Remember though, that exercising is still not an excuse to binge or to consume food that doesn’t bring any nutritional value.

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