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5 Reasons Why I’m Done Kicking Potatoes Out of My Diet

High Protein, High Fat, Low Carb. This is how we eat and we think that’s healthy.

The most common diets both athletes and fitness enthusiasts are on these days consist of anything but enough Carbohydrates and Fiber. We’re made to believe that carbs make us fat and that we need ridiculous amounts of Protein. Today, even the average person with little to moderate physical activity is worried about where to get protein more than anything else. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I’m Done Kicking Potatoes Out of My Diet

Healthy Vinegar Beverages are the Next Big Thing

First, there were smoothies, then there were cold-pressed juices, smoothie bowls and a whole lot of others in between. I LOVE all of these but one I’m currently crazy about is the tarty vinegar beverage I now use to replace my morning coffee. Continue reading Healthy Vinegar Beverages are the Next Big Thing

Love Lokal: Cocolatto Dairy-free Ice Cream

I am a huge fan of coconuts. I go crazy over the long list of uses and benefits of coconut oil and the light, refreshing flavour of anything with coconut water, meat or milk.

Cocolatto is a local brand that started with a purpose. Sherwin Gope, founder of Cocolatto, tells me he wanted to start something that would make everyone happy. Of course, who wouldn’t be happy with ice cream? But when he said everyone, he meant every one. “I wanted to give a chance to people who thought they’d never have ice cream again,” he says. These include vegans, diabetics, lactose and gluten intolerants, etc. Continue reading Love Lokal: Cocolatto Dairy-free Ice Cream

Blend Your Fuel: Green Smoothie Guide + Oster MyBlend Giveaway!

This goes out to everyone who cringes at the sight of my green smoothies. It’s time the whole world drinks them!

I’ve been blending vegetables into my fruits way before it became a trend and I’ve always been thrown disgusted looks when  I drink them in front of others. These days I’ve been getting less of that and more of questioning looks as to how tedious the process of preparing them could be.

Most people get completely overwhelmed by the endless possibilities in making these green monsters. Which is why I came up with an easy go-to guide for everyone who barely has time to prepare what could be the easiest and quickest form of fuel. Great for pre and post workout meals if you don’t feel like eating anything heavy! Continue reading Blend Your Fuel: Green Smoothie Guide + Oster MyBlend Giveaway!

Woman We Love: NT Sweat with Gabbi Garcia

I love surrounding myself with real women who truly inspire others. Who doesn’t? And you’ve probably heard of the saying strong women lift others up, not bring them down. And that’s exactly what pushed me to start this four-part series (four-part for now!).

Over the next four weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at four ladies you might only often see on television. We’re stripping them off of their characters and roles to, hopefully, get to know them a little better as real people. All gorgeous, all with great personalities, I love that we finally get to look past their artista image and just get to see them sweat and talk about other things they are into right now. Continue reading Woman We Love: NT Sweat with Gabbi Garcia

No Escaping Your Greens: The Vegan Food Delivery Service Guide

Manila, you are just about to run out of excuses NOT to go plant-based. I’ve listed down six vegan delivery services that will knock your socks off and make life so much easier for you. Now, there’s no need to worry about where to go. All you have to do is pick up your phone and let them find you. And darling, I say that is sweet surrender. No need to run away from your broccoli the way you did when mom tried to shove that fork into your mouth. Continue reading No Escaping Your Greens: The Vegan Food Delivery Service Guide

#OneFitYear with The Superfood Grocer – (Giveaway ENDED)

Here’s the second instalment of the One Fit Year giveaway! I’m so excited to tell you guys what the Superfood Grocer is sharing with you.

I’ve discovered the use of Superfoods in my smoothies back in 2012. I’ve been vegetarian for a year back then and didn’t know what I was missing until I found The Superfood Grocer on one of the racks in the yoga studio I practiced in at the time.

The Superfood Grocer offers a wide range of products that give you and your body a BOOST. These are the sort of stuff I douse myself with each time I feel weak or drained of energy. My favourites are Spirulina and Maca which I use for post-workout smoothies. They’re perfect for recovery as they speed up the body’s repair process naturally. Maca helps me sleep better too. Another one is the Vanilla Hemp Rice Protein which is the perfect, plant-based alternative to Whey.

Continue reading #OneFitYear with The Superfood Grocer – (Giveaway ENDED)

5 Awesome Food Items You Probably Forgot Existed

Your grocery cart is your vehicle to a healthier diet. But although many groceries and supermarkets these days carry healthier options, the most affordable yet fresh produce can still be found in wet markets. Going vegan and/or cleaning up your diet doesn’t always have to start with a pricey juice cleanse. With just a bit of creativity, the regular amount of money you spend on the food you currently eat will definitely go far.

Continue reading 5 Awesome Food Items You Probably Forgot Existed

#Healthierin100 Week 2: Always GAME.

We’ve just gone past our second week and so far Shirley hasn’t shown any signs of giving up. Good. While it’s still very early to tell, I’m glad she’s been showing real progress.

She’s been sticking to her workout schedule, pre-planning and packing her meals and, hasn’t been craving for sweets (her biggest enemy. So far it hasn’t been a chore for me to keep her going during workouts since we began. I think the reason why she was easily motivated was because we often trained with other friends. She was almost never alone when we workout.

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to the past week.

Continue reading #Healthierin100 Week 2: Always GAME.

#Healthierin100 Initial Challenge: Finding What’s Beautiful

We are now a week into Shirley’s 100 days and I thought I’d share with you how we began. We kicked things off with a conversation after we’ve taken her “Before” photos and a run-through of the things I needed her to remember. She shared with me her current weight, body fat percentage and measurements and (with her permission) am sharing them with you for reference.

Continue reading #Healthierin100 Initial Challenge: Finding What’s Beautiful