Epoch Essential Oils

This is Why I am So Hooked on Essential Oils

With more and more consumers making the shift to a naturally healthier lifestyle, there’s no denying the fact that we are starting to go back to our roots. Nature is so abundant and we don’t really have to look far and wide to find the best wellness experiences.

If you haven’t heard of them, Essential Oils are derived from certain parts of plants such as seeds, stems or barks, giving the characteristic, aroma or fragrance of its source. Of course, with the essences come the health benefits each plant has to offer.

Epoch, a brand under the company Nu Skin, has recently introduced its line of Essential Oils in the Philippines. The brand aims to create sensory experiences through its Pure Grade oils.


Epoch boasts of offering essential oils that are made with the highest-quality plants. The oils are safe to apply topically, on the skin  or to use with a diffuser. Each essential oil goes through a 6-step process to ensure the delivery of their intended benefits.

I have always loved the sensations essential oils bring. Each single oil or blend, different from another. A different scent, a different experience, but always a positive effect in mood and energy.

Epoch Essential Oils

Here’s why I LOVE every essential oil blend I got from my Epoch Kit:

Unwind (Lavender Bergamot Blend)- I diffuse this before bedtime and I sleep like a baby!

Burst (Citrus Mint Blend)- I place a drop on my palms and breathe in the scent any time I need a boost of energy or an instant mood lift.

Move (Wintergreen Juniper Blend) – This is an active person’s best friend. One drop over sore muscles and it provides relief. Mix it in with a topical blending oil and you can massage it over those tired muscles. Also amazing for headaches and (my worst enemy when traveling) motion sickness.

My Ultrasonic Mini Diffuser is something I can take with me anywhere
My Ultrasonic Mini Diffuser is something I take with me anywhere

If you look at my starter kit, these are the bare essentials that go a long way in everyday scenarios. I also got a handy mini diffuser I can bring anywhere. So convenient!


I always say that choosing high-quality products that come at a higher price than most is an investment. If you can invest on the latest gadgets, what’s keeping your from investing on your health? Essential Oils do not come cheap and if you use them properly, you just may be able to extend the life of that bottle you bought. Here are a few tips.

  1. Store them properly. Essential oils always come in dark colored bottles because they are sensitive to light. Keep them protected by storing them in a box or pouch away from direct sources of light and extreme temperatures. Place the cap immediately back on after use.
  2. Use Ultrasonic Diffusers. This type of diffuser doesn’t use any heat to disperse the vaporized essential oil leaving all the therapeutic properties of your essential oil intact.
  3. Don’t rub them on your skin. Even body heat can lessen the potency of your essential oils. If you’re breathing in the aroma through your hands, try this: Place a drop on one palm and lightly press the opposite palm against it. Cover your mouth and nose with cupped hands and breath deeply. Because essential oils are oftne in the plant’s purest form, they are so easily absorbed by skin. Another disadvantage of rubbing is that the aroma gets absorbed by your body even before you get smell it. And if applying to soothe, say a headache, lightly pat a finger or two with oil on the body part that needs relief. Again, don’t rub!

Wellness and Aromatherapy

Still on the hunt for the best, most versatile essential oil blends worth investing on. If you have any recos, hit me up in the comments or send me an email! I would love to check your favorites out.

Epoch Essential Oils are available in Nu Skin Walk-in centers. Visit their website at www.nuskin.com.ph or call 8NUSKIN (8687546).